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Craigslist Marketer Pro

Craigslist Marketer Pro

Discover An Amazing Way to Prime Your Craigslist Cash Pump And Keep Your Ads From Being Flagged and Deleted. 27 page detailed GUIDE and videos that gives you step-by-step instructions to harness the massive amounts of traffic on Craigslist TODAY.

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Craigslist for Small Businesses

This eBook guide from business professionals teaches you how to use Craigslist as one of the most powerful tools that your small business could ever use! Writing ads is not an easy skill to learn, but you will get all of tips and tricks that you can imagine to learn what brings customers in. Your first 100 customers can be the very hardest to get, but all it takes in order to get loyal customers is a bit of work, and the information in this book! After that, all you have to do is wait for the customers to come in droves, wanting your product! This book was written by a small-businessman who came from Russia to the US and learned all of the best tips for using Craigslist to attract some of your best customers. It doesn't take much; this eBook guide tells you everything that you need to know!

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Highly Recommended

Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

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Classified Advertisements

The most easily overlooked source is simply the small column classified advertisements in the local newspaper. These are not the big display ads put in by the large real estate companies, but rather three- or four-line, single-column ads. The main reason why these may be a great way to find properties is that often this is the advertising method of choice used by owner-sellers who are not using a real estate agent. One fabulous investment I came across many years ago was in fact advertised by a real estate agent as a column ad in the classified section of the newspaper. It concerned a tiny property (eighty-five square meters) on the corner of a busy intersection. It was the only commercially zoned property in a residential suburb, and had as the sole tenant a fish supply shop. The rental was 10,400 per annum, and the asking price was 59,000, giving a yield of 17.63 percent. By the time I spotted the advertisement, it was already late on a Sunday night. I phoned the number, and got the...

Place Classified Ads in Local Newspapers

In addition to using property for sale web pages, online advertising, e-mail property fact sheets, and for sale signs to market your properties, I recommend that you place classified ads like the following sample in local daily and weekly newspapers, with your web site address, e-mail address, and telephone number in the body of the ad. Notice that the information in the ad is exactly the same as the sign.

Basic Market Analysis Conceptan Overview

Primary, or raw data is unanalyzed, often collected in person by the analyst. It may include reading classified ads, new development announcements and legal notices, or Census data. Secondary data has gone through the analytical process by someone else, who tells the analyst what to conclude. Secondary data has bias.

Dont know if a property is a good deal

If you look at one deal all by itself, it will be hard to know if it's a good deal. In fact, if you look at only one deal, you could easily make a bad decision. Look at many properties. Read the classified ads. Search for properties on the Internet. Talk with other investors. And, of course, consult with real estate agents they are looking at deals all day long. That's how you learn to smell a good deal before even seeing the property.

Compiling a marketplace analysis

I feel the easiest way to create segmented market profiles is to track real estate performance using the existing MLS segmented geographic regions, because the real estate data is already aligned in that format. Or, as an alternative, use the same segmentation featured in your newspaper's real estate classified ads, as that aligns with common market knowledge.

How to Increase Your Phone Effectiveness by 400 by Letting Your Ads

Just create a pile from your local paper's classified section. Each day or week put the current ads in the pile and let time do its magic for you. You want to age your rental property ads two to three weeks, and age your properties for sale ads one to three months. is there some advantage to calling on fresh newspaper classified ads In our minds, the benefits of doing that do not outweigh the advantages of being able to speed through the newspaper, having the people already pre-sort-ed by time, so that you are only talking with those people who are highly qualified. Does that make sense You can always test things out on your own by making 100 calls to current ads and 100 calls to month-old ads. Our experience and the experiences of our students have taught us the wisdom of this little-known technique.

Other Sources of Leads

The next place you may want to look is on the Internet where there are sellers advertising their properties on the World Wide Web. Search for either For Rent businesses in your area who are using the Internet to advertise rental properties for owners or look for a For Sale By Owner type of company that has ads available. (Simply go to one of the major search engines like Yahoo and type in for sale by owner .) You can even find the classifieds of many newspapers on the web, which will save you time and money You have just learned the basics of how to turn classified ads into an ever-flowing stream of profitable deals. The ultimate key in converting these leads into cash is the con

Finding FSBO listings

Because one of the primary advertising avenues for FSBO owners is still print media, the newspaper is a great place to look for FSBOs. The serious ones advertise regularly, spending a couple hundred dollars a week on classified ads to promote their home. Most don't realize how fast the expense will mount up. They start out with an advertising blitz for the first few weeks and then scale back as the reality of the expense they're incurring becomes apparent. You can use their ad volume to gain information and to track sale progress.

Making the initial contact

Making initial contact with owners of FSBO homes is the toughest step for most agents, so I recommend that you make calls as soon as you see a FSBO come onto the market. I've had coaching clients who would buy the Sunday paper on Saturday afternoon just to get the FSBO classifieds. By doing this, they could call owners of new listings to have a professional conversation before the onslaught of calls from other agents began to come through.

Newspapers and Other Publications

To many people, looking for real estate means browsing classified ads with a highlighter, calling owners or Realtors, getting basic information, and, when something sounds promising, setting up an appointment. Although this method can work well, it can fail for two reasons (1) If a property isn't advertised, you won't learn about it, and (2) if the ad for a property you might be interested in is not written effectively, you may pass it by without serious notice. To search for potential bargain sellers in the newspaper, also look beyond the classified ads. Locate names of people from the public notices births, divorces, retirements, deaths, bankruptcy, foreclosure, or marriage. Each of these events can trigger the need to sell real estate. If you contact these potential sellers before they have listed with a sales agent, you stand a fair chance of buying at a bargain price. (In addition, you might subscribe to the default or foreclosure lists and newsletters published in your area....

Step Two Spread the word about the property

Call your local newspaper and place your classified ad(s) place a sign in front of the house put signs up all around the neighborhood place flyers in high traffic neighborhood locations talk with high leverage professionals about the property. You can use classified ads, flyers, signs, referrals, or any number of methods. Each of which will direct prospects to your voice mailbox where they will receive a groomed sales message from you. This way, when you call them back to follow-up, they will be eager to talk to you since they have already received a tasty sample of the benefits you have to offer them from your voice mail message.

Spreading the Word Online

Over the past decade, the Internet has revolutionized real estate marketing approaches. Ten years ago the primary mechanism for advertising properties was the local newspaper. Not so today. Over recent years, the newspaper's classified section has shrunk dramatically while the number of agent Web sites has exploded, and for good reason. Agents are going where their prospects are, and their prospects are online.

How to Find Lease Option Buyers and Sellers

To get the best bargain on a lease option, don't look exclusively to sellers who advertise lease option. These sellers are trying to retail their properties. It will be tougher for you to find a bargain here. Instead look to motivated for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) sellers in the Homes for Sale classified ads. Or you might also try property owners who are running House for Rent ads. As previously mentioned, often the best lease option sellers will not have considered the idea until you suggest it.

The Internal Marketing Ladder

A real estate brokerage initially gets its brand onto a prospect's marketing ladder by exposing the prospect to a consistent marketing message five to seven times in a relatively short period of time, using a variety of media. This means that the broker cannot exclusively rely on just one type of marketing medium, such as direct mail, classified ads, radio ads, or open houses, but rather needs to include a variety of these approaches to create an effective marketing program.

Putting It All Together

So what does this all look like A sample finder strategy used in a classified ad might look like this Investors use the classified section all the time to find folks in foreclosure, but when people see my ads, they want to know what the secret is, so they call. I also use the same strategy on business cards, larger ads, even postcards.

How To Find The Right Partner

People reading the classifieds will see your ad and be attracted by its offering a higher rate of return than other traditional investments. Then, when the calls come, you explain your potential investment. In some states, it is necessary to check with your state department of business regulations, which has rules governing the use of advertising to attract partners. doctor was more interested in larger transactions. But Philip tried not to let it bother him. He continued to keep putting his lines in the water in spite of the emotional roller coaster he seemed to be on. A few days later, while calling on newspaper classifieds, he got another nibble on a promising property. A woman answered his call and began to tell him about a property located outside St. Louis.

InHouse Lead Generation Program

Calendar year method, 131 CCIM, 182 CENTREX line, 85 Chamber of commerce, 212 Chart of accounts, 224, 227-230 Civic organizations, 212 Classified advertising, 204-205 Clean office, 199 Co-op agent feedback, 214 Co-op agents, 163-164 Coach, 281 Coaching corner Managers (CRB), 186 CPM, 182 Craigslist, 209

Creative Finance Revisited

Many banks and savings institutions will loan only 70 to 80 percent of a (non-owner-occupied) income property's value. However, some financial institutions will make 90 percent (or higher) LTV loans. In addition, some wealthy private investors provide high-LTV mortgages. You can often find these private investors through newspaper classified ads Either you can advertise in the Capital Wanted section, or you can telephone those who list themselves in the Capital Available section.

You Must Base Your Denial to Rent on Legitimate Business Reasons

I n the first eight chapters of this book, I gave you the lowdown on how real estate options work and told you about money-making option strategies that you can use to profit from undervalued properties, with immediate resale profit potential. In this chapter, you will learn the details of how to go about finding properties to buy options on. However, if you expect to find potentially profitable option properties conveniently listed in the classified ad section of your local newspaper under real estate options for sale, you are in for a big disappointment. The same holds true if you expect to drive around town and find properties sprouting real estate option for sale signs. This is just not the way that it works in this business. Why not Because the most potentially profitable types of properties to buy real estate options on are usually not widely advertised or, in many cases, are not even for sale. This means that when you go on the prowl for option properties, you will have to...

Advertising Policies

The company's advertising policies should be set forth, making sure that they address all forms of advertising that are reasonably used on a regular basis. This includes classified ads (how to place them, how big they should be, what the company pays for, and the company approval process) Internet advertising (appropriate inappropriate Web site links, use of lead generation sites, requirements for agent Web sites) television advertising (who pays for it, quality guidelines, preapproval of script).

The Group Interview

Shown in Figure 12.2 is a sample advertisement that a broker would place in the classified employment section of a local newspaper. A broker should also place the same advertisement on craigslist ( Notice that this ad does not contain any phone numbers, but instead refers the reader to a Web site. By requiring the candidates to go to a Web site in order to sign up for the seminar evening, a broker is creating a threshold test of technology competency. If the candidate does not have computer or Internet access or the intelligence to pick up the phone and call directory assistance to ask for the company phone number, then such a candidate would most likely not show up anyway.