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How to Start a Lawn Care Business

For some people, lawn care is their ultimate ticket to financial freedom. This ebook does not teach you how to make money without working; you have to put in the time in order to get the results. But if you keep at it, you will be able to more than triple your time off and make twice the money that most jobs would ever give you. You will learn how to start your business from scratch even if you know nothing about business, you will learn how to hire on a team and manage the people on the team, and you will learn how to upsell your current services to make even MORE money than you were before. This is not a scummy, get rich quick method; you will learn how to get rich at a normal pace. Anyone telling you you can get rich quickly is trying to fool you; we CAN teach you how to get rich with good, hard work. More here...

How to Start a Lawn Care Business Summary

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Establishing the agency relationship and doing it in writing

Seller is selling her home by herself and puts up a for-sale sign on the lawn. You, drive by, see the sign, and stop in. You identify yourself as a real estate agent and ask some questions about the house. Ms. Seller tells you she doesn't want to list the house for sale with any brokerage. She does tell you to feel free to bring any possible buyers around who might want to see the house. The next day you bring Mr. and Mrs. Buyer, who really like the house and want to make an offer. You tell Ms. Seller and begin negotiating a deal. If the matter comes down to commissions and lawsuits, only a court can finally decide, but you and Ms. Seller probably have established an implied agency relationship because of both your actions.

Resident Agrees Not To Apply Any Previously Paid Performance Fees To

Resident shall, at his own expense, and at all times, maintain the premises in a clean and sanitary manner, including all equipment and appliances therein and shall surrender the same, at the termination hereof, in as good condition as received, normal wear and tear excepted. Resident expressly stipulates and agrees that Management is granting a rental discount in exchange for Resident's agreeing to perform and bear the expense of. or have performed, minor maintenance and repairs on the dwelling, therefore. Management shall NOT be responsible for maintenance and repairs of the premises during the term of this Agreement or any extensions, unless otherwise provided for herein. If Resident repair responsibilities conflict with any state laws to the contrary, Resident expressly agrees to fully waive and relinquish any protections so provided. Resident shall be responsible for damages caused by his negligence and that of his family or invitees and guests. Resident shall...

Lafayette California

IN DESIRABLE HAPPY VALLEY, a classic New England Traditional on almost a level acre with gated entrance. Built in 2000, it beautifully integrates scale and spaciousness with soaring ceilings for today's West Coast living with the quaint character and charm of East Coast architecture. Main residence has 4 bedrooms + library, lovely living, dining, music rooms and a large family room and state-of-the-art kitchen. Beautiful grounds with gardens, pool, al fresco dining area, patios, decks, lawns and guesthouse. Offered at 3,800,000. 1340219

Staking a claim Adverse possession

Adverse possession is someone actually claiming ownership of your real estate because of how they're using it. Say your neighbor puts up a fence ten feet onto your property. It was a mistake. He knows it, and you know it, but neither of you does anything about it. Not a big deal you say. He'll just have more lawn to mow and you less. No problem, right Maybe it is, or maybe it isn't. If the fence stays and your neighbor uses your ten feet of property as though it's his own for the required period of time set by the state, he can go to court and claim ownership of the property by adverse possession. And he may even win. (For more details about adverse possession and other ways of losing ownership of property, check out Chapter 10.)

Wealth Secret No 9 There Is No Failureonly Feedback

As Philip and Karen walked out of the Bonenberger home into the humid Missouri night, they looked up and down the street. It was a white neighborhood. Neat, white houses lined both sides of the street, their lawns immaculate. A jet passed overhead, reminding them how close they were to the airport.

Your Organizational Model

People are always asking me when or how they'll know when it is time to hire their first person. I tell them that it is like knowing when to hire a contractor or a maid. We could easily do most of the work that needs to be done around the house, but at a certain point in our lives we realize that our time could be better spent on other things. We start to look for help at home in a very natural way. When you don't have anyone to do that work for you, it is like a second job. On Thursday nights, you are a housekeeper. On Saturdays, you're the lawn man. And so on . . . In other words, if you don't have a maid, you are one. If you don't have a lawn man, you are one. And in business, if you don't have an assistant, you are one

Getting Closure Title Closing

Title closing is a point in time during a real estate transaction when all of the business of transferring ownership of a piece of property is finished and title to the property is conveyed by the grantor to the grantee. Title closing can be either a relatively simple process or extremely complicated. Complications often crop up because of problems with the title to the property. In the world of real estate brokerage, title problems at closing can be the result of something so trivial as the owner of the property not mowing the lawn just before the closing. This section is not about those kinds of problems. Instead, it's about issues that can occur with the title to the property.

Eliminate a Negative View

You can even turn a backyard into a beautiful view. The owner of a house I almost bought in La Jolla, California, did just that. In her backyard, this seller had created a large, spectacular, flower, shrub, and plant arrangement built up and designed within 8 x 8 lawn timbers. To create a view from inside the home, she had replaced the rear walls and windows with sliding glass doors. (This feeble description fails to convey the buyer impact this improvement actually achieved.)

Shared Appreciation Agreement

During the term hereof (whether or not Buyer is in possession of the property) the Buyer shall, at his own cost, up to FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ( 500.00) for any occurrence, without any expense to Seller, keep and maintain the subject property, including all buildings and improvements of any kind which may be a part thereof, and including any personal property therein, in good, sanitary and neat order, condition and repair. Any expense incurred in excess of FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ( 500.00) shall be paid equally by Buyer and Seller. However, except for emergency maintenance, Buyer shall not enter into any obligation or contract for maintenance or repair of the subject property in excess of FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ( 500.00) without first obtaining written consent from the Seller. In addition, the Buyer shall maintain and irrigate the surrounding grounds including lawn and shrubbery andkeepsaid groundsiree of debris, rubbish and weeds. The Buyer agrees to return the subject property to Seller in...

The Voicemailflyer Combo

Many people who listen to the voice mail won't drive by the property. Some of them will not like the information on the flyer. Some of them will not like the color of the house, the neighborhood or the lawn. It is far better, however, to let the voice mail and flyer do the screening than you

How to Clean Up a Property under Option to Maximize Its Curb Appeal and Resale Value

If you followed my advice in Chapter 13, you should have negotiated a 500 cleaning credit, which the owner deducted from the option fee. The cleaning credit is to help investors defray property cleanup costs. And depending on the property's size and condition, most of my cleanups run from 500 to 1,200. For example, it usually costs me right around 500 to have a vacant three-bedroom, two-bathroom, single-family house cleaned up. This includes trash removal, lawn mowing, tree trimming, and pressure washing. I spend between 500 and 1,200 for an industrial-strength cleaning on a vacant piece of commercial property. I use a father and son team, who specialize in clearing lots, hauling trash, pressure washing, and making buildings secure. My guys are experienced professionals with state-of-the-art equipment, who work fast and charge reasonable

Exceeding expectations

My only caution is to be sure that every gesture you make further enhances your professional reputation. A few years back, the Wall Street Journal featured a profile on the service styles of three real estate agents. One bought groceries for out-of-town clients before they arrived to enjoy their vacation home. Another would personally mow the lawns of out-of-area sellers. A third reduced his fees to accommodate client requests. Each exceeded expectations in a way that lowered the professionalism and status of the real estate agent community. I can't think of a doctor, dentist, attorney, or accountant that would provide these types of services to exceed expectations. Keep your efforts in line with your professional image you don't want to be known as a personal shopper or a lawn boy. Getting groceries for out-of-town clients is thoughtful but inappropriate for a professional. However, helping arrange for a personal shopper is both thoughtful and professional.

Mobile Home Lot Lease Agreement And Security Deposit Receipt

Maintenance of Premises Lessee agrees to mow and water the grass and lawn, and keep the grass, lawn, flowers and shrubbery thereon in good order and condition, and to keep the sidewalk surrounding said premises free and clear of all obstructions to replace in a neat and workmanlike manner all glass and doors broken during occupancy thereof to use precaution against freezing of water or waste pipes and stoppage of same in and about said premises and that in case water or waste pipes are frozen or become clogged by reason or neglect of Lessee, the Lessee shall repair the same at his own expense as well as damage caused thereby, and to generally keep the leased premises in reasonably good and attractive condition.

Carol C Dorey Real Estate

Carol Dorey

HOPELANDS One-of-a-kind waterfront estate offering one of the best coastal views in New England. Highlighted by a gracious Normandy-inspired white washed brick country house nestled on 8 acres of lush lawns with a private vineyard. The ocean-front panorama includes a crescent beach and rugged rocky point, reefs and a lighthouse. Offered at 9,750,000, Contact Gustave White Sotheby's International Realty. 37 Bellevue Ave, Newport, Rl, 401.849.3000,, gustavewhite 892372

Equity Sharing Lease Agreement

Lawn Landscaping Resident agrees to maintain the lawns and shrubbery. Should, in Nonresident's sole discretion, the lawn or shrubbery need mowing, trimming, or watering, Nonresident will so notify the Resident. If within three days if the Resident has not remedied the situation, Nonresident will hire professional services and charge the Resident an additional fee on the next month's rent. Resident also agrees that any vehicles found parked on unpaved areas may be towed away at the Resident's expense.


Then the type of deed is not as important to the buyer as it is to the title company. The buyer would also like a bill of sale on the personal property to prove it was included in the sale. (Option 4.) Without a bill of sale, a neighbor could come over and say that the lawn mower in the garage belongs to him and was merely borrowed by the seller.

Monthly Price

The home has a fenced-in backyard as well as a front lawn, both with trees, grass, and landscaping, an outdoor above-ground swimming pool (heated), a swing set, and a trampoline. The house has a two-car garage. The floors are newly carpeted, and the kitchen has a three-year-old linoleum floor. The kitchen appliances are five years old and in working order. There is a finished basement, which serves as a recreation room and has a five-year-old pool table, which you will be leaving. The walls were freshly painted (white), and the downstairs den has a faux wood finish on the walls and tile floors. The house is ten years old. Although the community isn't gated, there is a neighborhood association and a clubhouse with a gymnasium, tennis courts, and a basketball court. Nearby, there is a state park that, depending on the season,


With a superb location in the heart of Greenfield Hill, The Dunham House enjoys a prestigious listing in the National Register of Historic Places . An excellent renovation of this classically proportioned 5,400 square foot, 6 bedroom, 4 and 1-half bath Greek Revival includes tasteful and appropriate additions. Two acres of sweeping lawns, perennial gardens, specimen plantings, a vintage horse barn and 2 garden sheds. Offered at 2,995,000. 58770. 1413910

Mcbkide Agency

Privacy is the rule on this Country estate with rolling lawns and specimen plantings. High in the hills situated on a 3.28 acre site, lovingly restored and maintained. Four fireplaces, wood floors, crown moldings, state of the art kitchen opening to family room, dining room and beamed ceiling living room, Screened-in porch, deck and patio, perfect for en tertalning. Minutes to beach and ferry. Offered at 2,399,000. Contact Elizabeth 'BJ' DeBree. Rurnson Office. 732.530.2800. 1348148

The Lease Clauses

Let us now discuss the specifics of the lease agreement. In the forms section of the book (Appendix B), I provide a model lease. This discussion follows the outline of the model. Remember that no document can be all things to all people. There may be an issue in a specific situation that is not covered by the terms of the lease. There is space provided for you to cover those situations. You don't need to be a lawyer to insert a clause that clearly resolves an issue. Such issues as tenant is responsible for maintaining the lawn or cleaning the pool indicate clearly what the initial responsibility of the parties is with regard to that specific issue. Of course, the word maintaining is subject to

New York

Exquisite c. 1886 Peabody and Stearns historic waterfront estate located on Newport's famed Cliff Walk. Over 2 acres of gorgeous Olmstead designed grounds with sweeping lawns to water's edge. Main 10,000 square foot residence with original gracious detailing plus a 2-unit carriage house in immaculate condition. Offered at 10,900,000. Contact Gustave White Sotheby's International Realty, 37 Beilevue Ave, Newport, Rl, 401,849,3000, gustavewhite 1142503

Water pollution

The term domestic water is used to describe the water you drink, cook with, and take a shower in. Domestic water comes from groundwater sources, which can be either reservoirs or underground water supplies, sometimes called aquifers. Groundwater supplies are subject to pollution from many sources ranging from the chemicals you put on your lawn to the oil on the highways.

Big Gaudy Sign

There is nothing more effective than signs in the neighborhood. Go to a local art supply store and buy large sheets of florescent posterboard. Make signs that read Rent-to-Own and put one in the front lawn. Make two small ones in the shape of an arrow and hang them at the street corners high on the telephone poles

My First Deal

We planted flowers across the front, mowed the lawn, trimmed the hedges, and painted the front of the building. Then we went inside and painted the hallway and cleaned up a couple of the apartments where some of the evicted people had lived. They were nice apartments they just needed to be cleaned. What a great learning experience, and what a great sense of accomplishment. To this day, I can remember standing on the front lawn, looking at the building after I purchased it, and feeling the sense of accomplishment that came from knowing I did everything I said I was going to do.


HI-WOLD Located within close proximity to New York or Philadelphia, Buck Hill offers 4,500 scenic acres with hiking trails, streams and waterfalls. Amenities include 27-holes of golf, tennis, swimming and lawn bowling. Large porches and windows invite the mountain scenery indoors. Features include a gourmet kitchen with Thermador appliances and butler's pantry. Five bedrooms including the master, all with en-suite baths and dressing rooms. The 3rd level is host to the family media space with vaulted beam ceilings, a full bar, game table area and private den. Lower level gains access to the home gym with steam shower, secondary laundry, dining porch, mechanical and storage areas. Contact Steven Lloyd, 570.446.3486, slloyd, 1349037

Washington Pc

Presented on almost one acre, this Georgian-style estate offers embassy-sized entertaining spaces with soaring ceilings opening to outdoor terraces and landscaped grounds. The home achieves the invaluable merging of characteristics with elegant and luxurious living space, a generous lot in a coveted location, and the ability to accommodate the most dynamic lifestyle. Amenities include a chef's kitchen, a fully-equipped home gym, a temperature-controlled wine cellar, an elevator, an interior and exterior ambient sound system, a swimming pool, lush lawns, mature plantings, and artful and soothing reflecting ponds. Unmatched in design and detail, this urban masterpiece represents an incomparable opportunity. Price upon request. Contact Long & Foster , REALTORS Kerry Fortune 202.257.7447 or Nelson Marban 202.870.6899 202.944.8400 (0). kerry.fortune, nelson.marban 1041993

Central America

LAWNS, POOL, SUNSHINE and the state's best schools. Nestled on a usable, magnificent 1.32 acres sits this splendid, approximately 5,500 square foot home with rooms of grand scale dimensions with custom fine craftsmanship and stately architectural functionality. An integral focus of the property (including a separate guesthouse is the stunning gated setting amongst towering native trees in a prestigious neighborhood in one of the Bay Area's finest areas within minutes to the city itself. Offered at 2,949,000. 1549119 EXTRAORDINARY COUNTRY ESTATE in a most treasured location in the highly desirable Miner Road area of Orinda. Formal gated entrance, totally private 1.3 acre grounds, sprawling lawns and breathtaking gardens. Tastefully updated in its beautifully designed Orinda style. Grand-sized living room, gracious formal dining room, handsome den. Six bedrooms, 7 and 2-half baths, family and exercise rooms, ideal guest au pair quarters. Covered parking for 6 cars....

Alternative Clauses

Swimming Pools Swimming pools can be a real nightmare. Pools in rental property can even be worse. If you have one, I recommend you fill it with dirt. Lawns don't create much liability and a lot less maintenance than pools. But I also realize that in some areas and situations you can't get away from them. So, here's a suggested clause to add in such situations. JU SL 9. MAINTENANCE, REPAIRS Resident acknowledges that the premises are in good order and repair, unless otherwise indicated herein. Resident shall, at his own expense, and at all times, maintain the premises in a clean and sanitary manner, including all equipment and appliances therein and shall surrender the same, at the termination hereof, in as good condition as received, normal wear and tear excepted. Resident expressly stipulates and agrees that Management is granting a rental discount in exchange for Resident's agreeing to perform and bear the expense of, or have performed, minor maintenance and repairs on the...

Lake talioe nevada

This 1850's center hall farmhouse sits in the midst of sweeping lawns, perennial gardens and gentle fields. It offers formal and informal living rooms, dining room, sunroom, 4 bedrooms and master bedroom suite. Includes a 3 bedroom guesthouse with dining room, living room, and T-l Internet connection. Two vintage bams, pool and trout stream. Offered at 3,375,OCX). Contact Paula Redmond Real Estate, Inc., 845.677.0505. 1258531

Caring For Your Lawn

Caring For Your Lawn

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