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ber become the driving force for your business plan will always hold you back. Can you see that now? Goals are an end point, a finish line. And what do we do when we cross the finish line? We stop. We express our relief at having made it or cry for joy, and we stop. The thing you must be careful about with goal setting is to avoid letting your goals become ceilings to your future achievement. Low (even moderate) goals are limiting. At best, we stop for a while, realize we still have gas in the tank, and go about setting new goals to motivate us to keep moving and growing. Time is lost and opportunities are missed. A much better path is to set goals that place the finish line far, far away and then allow ourselves to pause to catch our breath or celebrate our progress along the way. Big Goals keep our feet moving and lead us closer to our highest possible potential.

The Big Model will tell you when your plan needs focus. And your plan will always be about taking action. What I hope this book has revealed to you is that this action plan must always focus on the three big rocks:

1. Leads—Use a database-driven approach with a focus on seller listing leads.

2. Listings—Get the number of seller listings you must get and market those listings systematically to gain additional buyer and seller leads.

3. Leverage—Recruit "capacity" talent with an emphasis on your three key hires, and require the talent to implement systems and tools.

Stay focused on these three things and you will take your business to the highest possible level. Try to get past the natural tendency to judge whether you can or can't do it and commit yourself to the pursuit of excellence. Then focus on the process of implementing and growing into the big models.

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The Power of Goals

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