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Many, many years ago, I learned a basic truth about time blocking: Until your goals consistently hit your calendar—you won't consistently hit your goals. This truth makes your calendar an achievement power tool, just as your budget is your financial power tool. In fact, time blocking can just as easily be thought of as a way to budget your time. That

"I have a peaceful morning to start is, you are going to your calendar my day. I work out three times a and setting aside in advance week 1 end my work day at six or enough time to accomplish the six-thirty p.m., and 1 take no activities that will drive and build phone calls at home." , . . , . , your business to its highest poten-

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Sales volume—$160 million you hold the dollars you spend accountable for producing appropriate results, you will be holding yourself accountable for focusing your energy where you've budgeted it for as long as you've budgeted it or until the task it completed. If you set aside an hour each morning to make ten prospecting calls to your allied resources, then you'll hold yourself accountable to making all ten calls, even if the first nine were spectacular, and even if you run long and have to bump other items off your calendar. Time blocking is for your 20 percent and is a skill that absolutely must be learned, practiced, and turned into a key productivity business habit. It will become, over time, one of the most important business habits you ever acquire. Agents who never acquire the time blocking business habit end up with time-wasting busyness habits and fall short of their potential.

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