One of the reasons we chose to compare the path of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent to climbing Mount Everest is because so few people have thus far been able to accomplish either feat. Of the thousands of real estate agents we've worked with, only a small number have actually achieved a 7th Level business of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent. But we believe this is more a reflection of the fact that the path to the summit of the real estate sales business has only recently been identified. As with Everest, once the route is clearly marked, more and more high achievers will find they have the desire, the means, and the ability to make the journey themselves. There are thousands of top agents across the country who are perfectly positioned to make the move to Receive a Million, and more who could quickly get themselves on the path. This book is that path.

We firmly believe that once you have taken your real estate sales business to the Net a Million level and have identified the person who can and will take over the management of the business, you have only to focus your attention on the mastery of a handful of issues to reach Receive a Million.

Points to Remember: Receive a Million

1. Active vs Passive Income—Understanding that passive income is not purely "passive" when we own a business. Your business will still require your involvement and attention, just in a different way.

2. The Opportunity of the 7th Level—As difficult as it is to transform your business into a 7th Level business, exiting your job through conventional investing requires just as much mastery and can be just as tough. Turning your real estate sales business into a 7th Level business is a great option.

3. The Three Key Hires of a Millionaire Business—It takes three magnificent hires to create a Millionaire Real Estate Agent business and take it to the 7th Level. Your job is to recruit, train, consult, and keep these three extraordinarily talented individuals.

4. Your Role and Responsibilities—As a 7th Level Millionaire Real Estate Agent, you have one role—accountability. Your success will hinge on your ability to hold your team accountable in three areas:

a. Leadership—Part of the measure of your ability to lead your business to a high level of sustainable success will be determined by your ability to bring MVVBP to your business. A true leader is the standard-bearer of the business.

b. People—Through regular meetings, goal worksheets, and a tough-love insistence on meeting standards, you must bring accountability to your key people and, through them, accountability to your business as a whole.

c. Capital—As much as you are the ultimate keeper of the budget, you must also bring others to understand the importance of budget accountability.

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