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Think a Million is designed to be a crash course in the mental and planning aspects of becoming a Millionaire Real Estate Agent. Hopefully, this chapter has provided valuable insight into the way the high achievers think and the principles that dictate their actions. Start with an awareness of the mind-set, the Nine Ways the Millionaire Real Estate Agent Thinks; absolutely focus on the Three L's of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent; and methodically use the goal-setting placeholders we described in the Eight Goal Categories of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent. If you can do those things, you'll be very well positioned to apply the models we will describe in the next chapter, Earn a Million, and start taking your real estate career to a higher place.

If you now feel you can Think a Million, then congratulations! You're well on your way! It's time to move on and explore how to Earn a Million.

Points to Remember: Think a Million

■ How you think matters. Thinking Big at the beginning is like building a twenty-lane highway for your vision of the future.

■ Work to learn before you work to earn. That learning will more than make up for any lost time and will, in fact, earn you more money in the end.

■ The Nine Ways a Millionaire Real Estate Agent Thinks:

• Think Powered by a Big Why—Having a clear purpose, mission, or need gives you focus and powers your actions.

• Think Big Goals and Big Models—Big Goals and Big Models foster Big Habits early and pull you through smaller goals on the way to greater things.

• Think Possibilities—Believe that anything is possible and then act as though it were impossible to fail.

• Think Action—When you are ready, anything short of action is just plain inappropriate. Shut up, get up, and giddy up!

• Think Without Fear—Failed attempts are not the same thing as failure, so never fear the attempt itself. The only time you can ever truly fail is if you give up or refuse to try at all.

• Think Progress—Success is in the numbers. The quality is in the quantity and achievement often comes to the person who makes the most attempts.

• Think Competitively and Strategically—Treat it like a game and learn to think strategically! Winners dare to compete.

• Think Standards—You have standards. Your challenge is to learn to communicate them clearly and to instill them in your team.

• Think Service—Know the purpose of your profession. Articulate the details of your value proposition and deliver on it with fiduciary commitment.

■ The 80:20 Rule is always at work and Leads, Listings, and Leverage are the 20 percent of your focus that ultimately gives you 80 percent of your results.

• Lead generation is never a passive activity!

• Listings are the high-leverage, maximum-earning opportunity in real estate.

• Leverage is the Who, How and What of a powerful real estate sales team.

■ Bring the power of goal categories into your business life. Goal setting becomes easier and more effective when you have a consistent set of goal categories.

■ Businesspeople know their numbers. They know their goal numbers and their actual numbers and so should you. The Eight Goal Categories of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent are: Leads Generated, Listings, Contracts Written, Contracts Closed, Money, People, Systems/Tools, and Personal Education.

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