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Figure 1: Mega Agent Mastermind Group, Day One

Front Row: Patty Ancona, Judy Johns, Betsy Scheffe, Chris Cormack, Mary Charters, Krisstina Wise Anderson, and Terri Brenkus. Second Row: Melissa King, Terri Pescatore, Rae Wayne, Steve Scheffe, Peggy Richey, Jo-Ann LaBuda, Nikki Ubaldini, Linda McKissack, Jim McKissack, and Marie Zic. Back Row: Steve Johns, Aaron Lancaster, Dave Johns, Jeff Pantanella, Marc Nicholson, Andy Allen, Mike Mendoza, Martin Bouma, Kathy Courtney, Gary Ubaldini, Gary Keller, Brad McKissack, Sean Healey, Rick Geha, and Debbie Zois.

Figure 2: Mega Agent Mastermind Group, Day Two

Front Row: David Raesz, Lisa Pinson, Audrey Bienz, Pam O'Bryant, Holly Neal, Shirley Meyners, Carol Royse, Sherrie Puffer, Marybeth Tiemeyer, Brad Puffer, and Laurie Wall. Back Row: Gene Arant, Zac Sestina, Dan Harker, Rick Dittemore, Tom Brandt, Gary Keller, Rich O'Bryant, Peg Braxton, and Larry Wall.

And for their direct contributions to this book, I'd like to make special note of the "Millionaire Agents" who agreed to be interviewed for this book. These agents represent some of the best in our business, and their experience and wisdom are as inspirational as their incredible success in real estate sales. For sharing that experience, wisdom, and success with us, I'd like to thank the following real-life Millionaire Real Estate Agents: William Barnes, Glen Calderon, Chris Cormack, David and Judie Crockett, Rachel DeHanas, Allan Domb, Valerie Fitzgerald, Jack Gross, Mary Harker, Jerry Mahan, Cristina Martinez, Ronnie and Cathy Matthews, Mike Mendoza, Gregg Neuman, Elaine Northrop, Joe Rothchild, Jill Rudler, Bill Ryan, Russell Shaw, John Toye, Barbara Wilson, Sherry Wilson, Tim Wood, and Don Zeleznak. Integral to the success of the interviews were Roland Castillo, who coordinated the technical details of capturing all the interviews on audio files; Michelle Lorino, who with Mo Anderson managed to schedule interviews with some of the busiest people in our industry; Olivia L. Fagerberg, who painstakingly transcribed the bulk of the interviews; and Linda Henderson, who pinch-hit for Olivia when we were in a bind.

Special thanks go to the extraordinary writers and teachers who work so hard to help so many: Bill Barrett, Dave Beson, Howard Brinton, Brian Buffini, Carla Cross, Charlie Dahlheimer, Darryl Davis, Mike Ferry, Michael Gerber, Allen F. Hainge, Mark Victor Hansen, Gregg Herder, Don Hobbs, Tommy Hopkins, Carol Johnson, Danielle Kennedy, Robert T. Kiyosaki, David Knox, Laurie Moore-Moore, Steve Murray, Jerry Rossi, Joe Stumpf, Floyd Wickman, Rick Willis, and Pat Zaby. Their amazing work helped inspire and inform the writing of this book.

I'd also like to thank my colleagues Mo Anderson, Darren Bien, Pat Flanary, Sharon Gibbons, Steve Schlueter, Mary Tennant, Joe Williams, and Mark Willis for their continual guidance and leadership; our Keller Williams University crew of Kelly Parham, Molly Brown, Tammy Kroop, Xina Seaton, Jody Gay, and Kris Malejko, whose tireless work on the manuals and events for this book provided invaluable insight for us during the writing process; our design team of Shannon Cooper, Ryan Kucera, and Justine Smith, who provided feedback and direction for the jacket and interior design; Steve Simon and Christine Martin for their PR and marketing work and wisdom; Cathy Pham, who helped us get invaluable feedback from some of the visionaries in our industry; Valerie Vogler-Stipe for protecting my "book time" and for her invaluable help revising diagrams and entering our edits through multiple drafts of the manuscript; Gary Gentry and Althea Osborn, two of the finest real estate agents ever to associate with me, for their faith, influence, and commitment; Mark Victor Hansen for his personal support and inspirational leadership for over twenty-five years; Kim Kiyosaki, who, despite being down with the flu, kept the communications lines open; Lynn Morgan, my first real estate sales manager, for her early guidance and faith in me; the National Association of Realtors and the Canadian Real Estate Association for their tireless work on behalf of agents, home buyers, and sellers; and the members of all local Boards of Realtors, State Associations of Realtors, and Provincial Associations of Realtors, who provide the grassroots leadership for our industry.

To my coauthors, Dave Jenks and Jay Papasan, I'd like to express my gratitude for their willingness to pursue this mammoth project to the end, to make sacrifices and to give 100 percent every day. Dave's exceptional ability to express the complex ideas in a simple, memorable way proved as invaluable to our efforts as his extensive experience in the real estate sales business and his gift for "finding the truth" in the numbers. Jay's publishing and writing experience was a boon to our newly founded publishing enterprise. His day-to-day work on the writing and editing helped provide continuity and consistency to our process. My appreciation goes to them both.

I'd also like to extend special thanks to our publisher, McGraw-Hill Trade, and our editor, Richard Narramore, for picking us up and expanding our publishing horizons. The fine folks at The Philip Lief Group also deserve our thanks. In particular, Philip Lief, Judy Linden, Lynne Kirk, Marybeth Fedele, Jill Korot, and Annie Jeon warrant our gratitude for their fine work on and in support of this project.

So much credit goes to my parents for making sure I was given a great education in life and for guiding me into the real estate industry. For my wife, Mary, and son, John, words cannot express what they have brought to this project—they are the true loves of my life. And thanks to God from whom all things come.

Lastly, I'd like to thank you, the reader. It has been my experience that the best ideas are always those shaped by many. I openly invite you to share your suggestions for improvement and your experiences working with these models. Without a doubt, your feedback will form the basis for future editions of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.

Gary Keller

807 Las Cimas Parkway Suite 200

Austin, Texas 78746 [email protected] (512) 327-3070

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