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Nothing is more important to your sales career than prospective buyers and sellers. To have a viable business, you simply must have the client leads. To have a ^ business that pays you a lot of money, you will need \ a lot of leads. Funny, but some real estate agents miss this not-too-subtle point and end up spending their time on other less financially rewarding activities. I can't tell you why this is, but let's be perfectly clear about it in this

Figure 9

book—no leads means no sales.

We must have leads, and, in fact, if it is helpful to you, you should think of yourself as being in the "lead-generation business." Many will say, "But I'm in the real estate business," to which I reply, "Fine, then try staying in the real estate business very long with out leads." If it makes you feel any better, please realize that all businesses are, in addition to their particular business, in the lead-generation business. What you have to embrace is the fact that it is the else about your business will have as big an impact on it as the number of leads you have. For this reason, Leads becomes the first of the Three L's. Without them, the other two are not nearly as important.

When I taught new agent sales training classes, I would sometimes start my class discussion on leads by asking the audience, "If I told you there was an out-of-town buyer who just got in this morning and who will be paying cash and needs to purchase a home by the end of the week, could any of you help him out?" Everyone would raise their hand.

number of qualified leads you have that will either grow your business, keep you in business, or put you out of business. Nothing

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