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The biggest people challenge you'll have is this: As busy as you are, you'll still have to find time to learn and put into place the R/T/C/K (Recruit/Train/Consult/Keep) process. If you are going to hire someone, learn to hire the absolute right person for the job. Someone who can do the job, solve difficult problems, and think at a high level. If you're going to hire a truly talented person, you'll also need to learn how to train and consult her to be effective. And if you're going to hire, train, and consult

"Delegating and letting go was difficult in the beginning, but I really like it now. Jack and I take trips for two or three weeks at a time. The business keeps going, and no one knows we are not here."

Rachel DeHanas Millionaire Real Estate Agent Waldorf, MD Sales volume—$52 million someone, then you've invested a lot of time and energy in her development and you'll surely want to learn how to keep her. There are ample courses out there on how to do this effectively, but your challenge will be making the time to go take them.

Remember the old truth we quoted earlier, "If you don't have an assistant, you are one?" Well, there is another adage that goes hand in hand with that one, "If you have an assistant who can't get the job done, you'll eventually get the job back." When you learn R/T/C/K correctly, you don't get the job back.

Surprisingly, working with agents over the years, I've witnessed amazing mental gymnastics as agents tried hard to justify not having time to learn R/T/C/K. It takes time to learn something, more time to implement it, and even longer to approach mastery of it. Period. End of discussion. The irony is that R/T/C/K are the kind of skills that once learned, can save you an enormous amount of time over the rest of your life. When you are able to recruit and retain talented individuals, you will no longer be faced regularly with the number one headache for real estate employers—turnover! The turnover rate in our industry is simply phenomenal, and when you consider that it takes at least three to four months to find and recruit good people (and longer to get them performing to your standards) justifying anything less than mastery of R/T/C/K becomes very hard to defend. If this doesn't ring true, please revisit our discussion of talent in Earn a Million, specifically Figure 21 and Figure 22: The Cost of a Bad Hire and The Opportunity of a Great Hire. Can you really afford not to master R/T/C/K?

And be prepared; the truth is, during this R/T/C/K learning and implementing period of your life, your world will be a little out of balance—no way around it. Why? You will not only be doing all your work but also learning a completely new set of skills. Then, after learning it, you will be doing all your work and then actually R/T/C/K-ing a new person. Is it worth it? Yes. If you will stay diligent and really learn the skills and then really apply what you know.

The worst possible result of not mastering R/T/C/K is what I call "turnover turmoil." When you haven't properly learned or implemented R/T/C/K, your business will be subject to the same turnover rates that we so often see in the real estate industry at large. And when people come and go, it creates an atmosphere among your team of "you don't know what you're doing around here," and eventually everyone leaves. This type of turmoil is all too common and can just plain wear you out along with everyone you're associated with. When you recruit and retain talent in your key positions, your organization gets grounded in their stability.

As we've said before, talent has a way of paying for itself. It pays for itself in terms of your time and your money invested. R/T/C/K pays for itself in the same way. When you invest time and energy to learn and implement it, you'll be rewarded in spades.

So remember these key points:

1. Learn to recruit talent (the right person for the job).

2. Learn to train them to do the job.

3. Learn to consult them to do the job at a high level.

4. Learn to keep them.

5. Invest time to R/T/C/K so your investments of time and money pay off with excellent leverage and the growth that will follow.

"The important thing is to hire good staff. I hire slowly and very carefully. I'm looking for attitude, integrity, and skill. I can teach skill, so I really focus on attitude and integrity."

Cristina Martinez Millionaire Real Estate Agent San Jose, CA Sales volume—$136.3 million

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