Protecting Your Lead Generation Focus Time

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While time really isn't money, it is convertible into money. Ultimately, lead generation is the most dollar-productive activity you can do for your real estate sales business. For those who are seeking real estate success at a very high level, lead-generation time must be considered the most

"My goals are fueled by my dreams. I defend and protect those dreams from distractions and from interruptions from other people."

Tim Wood Millionaire Real Estate Agent Big Bear Lake, CA Sales volume—$38 million important time on their calendar. And as such it will need to be jealously guarded and protected. Because life seems to love to offer up the unexpected, guarding this time is never as easy to do as it may seem.

As your business grows, you will begin to sense that you have become its CEO. Well, in truth, you are. The problem with being a CEO is that you might be pulled back into and entangled by day-to-day administrative, service, and personnel issues. If allowed to, people and problems can chew up your time and drain your energy. And then you will find yourself in the trap of managing your business instead of leading and building it. When this happens, one of the first things always to hit the back burner for most agents is lead generation. Why? Because when people don't truly understand the importance of lead generation it can masquerade as an "optional activity" rather than as the core foundational discipline it is. In my opinion, having learned from my own errors and the mistakes of thousands of agents I've worked with, this is something you should never allow to happen.

To avoid this pitfall, you need to make a commitment to block off substantial, regular time in your calendar and devote it to lead genera-

"My goal is to do more volume in less time with a better net. The key for me is to be disciplined in my time management and lead follow-up."

John Toye Millionaire Real Estate Agent Westland, MI Sales volume—$39.2 million tion. This is the time you use to prospect, follow up on existing leads, and develop and implement marketing plans. To be able to do this, you must hold others accountable for handling the administrative, service, and personnel issues wherever possible. Delegate, train, and consult, but let others handle all the details. This will allow you time to focus on what is ultimately most important for your business—lead generation.

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