Receive a Million

"It took me twenty years to have $1 million in the bank, but only two more years to have $3 million.—and another two years to get to $5 million."

Tim Wood Millionaire Real Estate Agent Big Bear Lake, CA Sales volume—$38 million

From our experience working with and interviewing top agents around the country, we've managed to isolate four issues that make the difference when you're jumping from business owner to Receive a Million. These four issues can be summarized as follows:

1. Active vs Passive Income—Understanding that passive income is not truly "passive." Your business will still require your involvement and attention, just in a different way.

2. The Opportunity of the 7th Level—As difficult as it is to transform your job into a business, exiting your job through conventional investing requires just as much mastery and can be just as tough. Turning your real estate sales business into what we call a 7th Level Business is a better, wiser option.

3. The Three Key Hires of a Millionaire Business—It takes three magnificent hires to create the foundation for a Millionaire Real Estate Agent business. Your job is to recruit, train, consult, and keep (R/T/C/K) these three extraordinary "capacity" talented individuals.

4. Your Role and Responsibilities—As a Millionaire Real Estate Agent, you have one role—accountability. Your success will hinge on your ability to hold your team accountable in three areas: leadership, people, and capital.

The first two issues are really about the understanding and awareness that will aid in your transition. And the last two are about the actual steps you'll need to take and your ongoing role in your business. Let's take a close look at the pivotal issues that stand between you and receiving a million.

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