Physical Tasks/Outside Office is your third key point of leverage. These three people—the marketing and bookkeeping manager, the lead buyer specialist, and the lead listing specialist—will play a large role in helping you become a Millionaire Real Estate Agent.

To get a little more clarity on the roles each of these people will play in your Millionaire Real Estate Agent business, let's take a look at their abbreviated job descriptions. Years ago, we created a detailed list of the 170 tasks related to doing business as a Millionaire Real Estate Agent and to whom in this Organizational Model those tasks fall. While this was great exploration for a high-level understanding of the business, we believe the diagram opposite (Figure 43) is more effective in that it simply lays out the four or five most important job responsibilities of each staff member. True talent, when given responsibilities, will drill down to the details on his own and deliver.

We divide the diagram into three areas to show how the responsibilities are divided between front and back office staff. Your sales team is at the forefront of your business. In the middle is your lead-generation team. Your back office is where the principle administrative and support tasks are handled. When you are ready to step out of your business and let someone else take over, your future CEO will come from the front or middle office personnel—she must be an active part of your lead-generation machine because this is where the power of the company comes from.

So you will first add administrative help, then staff for selling, and lastly bring in someone to help you with the seller side of the business. With the exception of the order, the different specific pieces will fall in place rather naturally as your business grows. Figure 44 shows how your organization might grow following the Organizational Model of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent.

The 7th Level (in Figure 44) is a kind of Nirvana for the business person. It represents the place where you can actually step out of the business and start earning passive business income. Later, in the Receive

The Path to People Leverage

a Million section of this book, we'll discuss in greater detail the process of transitioning your business to the 7th Level.

In my experience, the average person thinks the goal of a business leader is to run a successful business. Well, I'm here to tell you it isn't. That is just the first goal of a businessperson. The ultimate business goal is to have a successful business run by other people! That's what we call having a "7th Level business." Getting there requires you to have loaded your organization with exceptional talent, particularly at the three key positions: marketing and administrative manager, lead buyer specialist, and lead listing specialist.

To sum it up, you are building a three-headed sales production machine. You'll have an administrative team with up to five members. (Your accounting, tax preparation, and filing may be outsourced both to simplify your life and to protect you in case of error.) You'll have a buyer team with three to five members including your lead buyer specialist. And you'll have a seller team with up to two staff members: a lead listing specialist (you in the beginning) and possibly another listing specialist. Every position will have a written job description identifying the core responsibilities of the job and the performance standards you expect.

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