Snapshot Of A Millionaire

David and Judie Crockett

Concord, OH Experience—24 years

Before Real Estate—Chemist and homemaker

_2001 Production

Transactions—306 Sales Volume—$53 million Gross Commission Income—$1.6 million

_The Team

Sales—Three listing specialists (Judie, their daughter, and their son)

Support—Office manager/escrow manager, client services (listing) manager, advertising manager (part-time), and an administrative assistant (part-time)

_Quick Takes_

The Beginning—Judie started in 1978 and became a top producer in the area. I left my industry job in 1984 and became manager of the largest office in our area. In 1994, we formed the Crockett Team: Judie, me, our daughter, Melissa, and our son, Todd.

Keys to Success—I'm a strong believer that listings make the business. They make the phone ring. Nobody knows who the selling agent was, but everybody knows who listed it! The best source of leads is the yard sign.

Our business is set up on a systems basis. We set it up so everybody on our team has a special focus. We want them to develop their experience and become a grandmaster of what they do. Then we systematize everything—it's got to be repetitive, it's got to be automatic. It's always documented, and it all goes into our operations manual.

Inspiration—We are education junkies. We attend an awful lot of these things, and we're instructors at many of them.

The real secret to success for Realtors is recognizing what's possible out there. You won't find it looking up and down your street. You need to go out and talk to other people and learn from them.

Lead Generation—We mail postcards to our database of clients four times a year. We send out between 250 and 300 cards around each listing and each sale. We negotiated a very good deal on our Yellow Pages ad (a hard tab in the middle of the book), and we advertise in our regional newspaper.

The mistake that most Realtors make is they love every idea they see. And they're all over the place. You need to define what you want to be and run with that. The typical short, spotty, little campaigns are essentially useless.

We have focused recently on lead tracking. We know where they come from, and we have increased our speed of response and our conversion rates.

Advice—You have to start with good basic people who are likable right away. You don't need anyone who's in any way dysfunctional. Are they motivated? Do they have goals? Are they willing to work as a team? Do they understand how business works? Do they have common sense? If I were a client, would I like this person right away?

Next Year and the Future—We're forming a limited liability company with the four of us being equal partners. We'll have a buy-out program so our children can benefit from what we've built.

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