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If there is one thing that our experience has shown over the years, it is that Millionaire Real Estate Agents are always focused on personal development. For themselves, they attend seminars, seek out consulting relationships, and require their staff to do the same. They are always looking for ways to improve how they and their staff operate professionally and personally.

Your personal education goal category will show up in your thinking as:

1. What knowledge do I need to learn? What skills do I need to acquire?

2. What knowledge do the individuals on my staff need to learn? What skills do they need to acquire?

There is always an ongoing need to improve your understanding of the key areas of your business. On the road to becoming your best, school is never out.

Keeping goal categories is one of the areas that changed my life as a businessperson. Back in 1979, I attended a Lewis R. Timberlake seminar on goal setting. Timberlake advocated using goal categories, and before long I was scratching out notes on what should be the core goal categories for a highly successful real estate agent. These categories were originally tried and tested by none other than myself. Now, over the course of my career, they have withstood my personal scrutiny as well as the original doubts and skepticism of thousands of real estate agents who have consulted with me. While goal categories are magical and can bring amazing focus to your business life, they shouldn't be compartmentalized to just your business life. I encourage you to explore taking advantage of the power of goal categories in your personal life as well.

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