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Early in my professional career, I discovered a simple program to harness energy for my life and pull me through the day. It is deceptively simple, but it is also one of the most powerful things I've ever done in support of my goals. Having a steady supply of positive energy is invaluable for the entrepreneur! I call it the Millionaire Real Estate Agent Energy Plan—a big plan for big energy!

The Five Energy Areas

There are five areas in which I need energy. Most likely, they are much the same for you. I need spiritual energy, physical energy, emotional energy, mental energy, and business energy. My simple formula is to "block off" my time such that I can be assured I will be able to pull a lot of energy into my life every day. What I've learned is that the world doesn't really get going until about ten-thirty to eleven a.m. That means, if you really want to get something done with a minimum of interruptions, you'll do it before eleven a.m. when the phone starts ringing and people start popping by. My energy routine is designed with an eleven A.M. end time in mind.

Here is what I do: I get up every day by six a.m. and meditate and pray—for spiritual energy. Then, I exercise and eat—for physical energy. Afterward, I hug, kiss, and laugh with my family—for emotional energy—

and try to do it so that I get to spend time with all of them and still get to the office between eight a.m. and nine a.m. (Most people plan for emotional energy time only in the evenings or on weekends, when it can do little for their daily pursuit of big goals.) I then plan and calendar my day—for mental energy—and spend my first, most energized hours in the office working hard on lead generation and recruiting talent—for business energy. I never slack off before eleven a.m.

It is funny, but those early hours of intense focus tend to pull me through the rest of the day. You can get so much going that it takes you the whole afternoon just to wrap things up. That's positive energy creating amazing momentum in your life! Even when I am less structured in the afternoon, I still tend to be phenomenally productive because my earlier actions have dictated my priorities. I truly believe that those first few structured hours of each day make all the difference.

Renewal Through Learning

Energy matters. How energy is used also matters. Learning is how we come to understand the most powerful and productive ways to use our

"We're education junkies. We talk to others, and they help us realize what is possible."

David and Judie Crockett Millionaire Real Estate Agents Concord, OH Sales volume—$53 million

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent Energy Plan

1. Meditate and Pray—Spiritual Energy

2. Exercise and Eat—Physical Energy

3. Hug, Kiss, and Laugh—Emotional Energy

4. Plan and Calendar—Mental Energy

5. Lead Generate—Business Energy

All by Eleven a.m. Every Day!

Figure 1

energy. When we observe people who have achieved a high level of mastery in any endeavor, their actions seem almost effortless, and it appears as if they could do it forever. That is sometimes very much the truth. When people have highly developed skills or great awareness, what they do actually requires less energy and effort. They are simply more efficient and know how to get more of their intended results from their actions.

The illusion is in how "natural" this appears. Sure, a minuscule percentage of us are naturally gifted with extraordinary energy, focus, and skills, but the truth is, most people who appear naturally gifted had to work very hard to achieve that. Jack Nicklaus, in a post-tournament TV interview, once said, "Some people tell me they are amazed with how easily I hit the golf ball so consistently straight and far. I just tell them that if they had been watching me hit hundreds of golf balls every day for all those years, they wouldn't be so amazed."

My point here is this, if you are committed to achieving Big Goals, you must be committed to learning-based living. Learning is both empowering and energizing. It is about gaining new knowledge and new skills. It's also about renewal. And renewal is fun.

So, learning is about gaining knowledge and skills. It allows you to do more with the energy you have, and it is the foundation of proactivity— taking charge and being in control. Being learning-based gives you a great advantage in business over those who are not—by default they have less energy and are spending more of it to do the same things you do easily. For them, ignorance is not bliss.

For you, learning is leverage, and it provides you with three important advantages: wisdom (knowing what to do), competence (knowing how to do it), and foresight (knowing when to do it). Not only does this leverage allow you to avoid wasting energy and to get more done with less energy, it actually brings more energy to you. Honestly, we're not sure why this is true. We just know that it is. Maybe it is in the fact that wisdom, competence, and foresight bring with them healthy confidence, which, in my opinion, is a very energizing emotion. Maybe it is the excitement that comes from doing something really well. The energy may also stem from the mental and spiritual lift that comes from greater awareness and insight. Or maybe it simply comes from personal satisfaction at taking on a new challenge, having the courage to try it, and then realizing you can now do it. Whatever it is, wherever it comes from, this learning-based energy renewal is very real and very powerful.

Whether you are learning by doing or by studying, you'll find that they are both valid and crucial to achieving the highest level of productive energy and using that energy most efficiently. Learning by doing leads to greater skill and competence. Learning by studying leads to greater wisdom and foresight—doing lends experience and study borrows the experience of others who have lived before us.

The Millionaire Real Estate Agents we know read books, listen to tapes, watch videos, and attend seminars and classes regularly. In fact, many spend as much as 10 to 15 percent of their work time pursuing learning. They call it an investment in themselves and a necessary one on the path to big achievement. We agree. It is both a good business strategy and a great life strategy.

Once you accept the challenge of lifelong self-improvement and the path of mastery, you will be humbled by how much you don't really know. A bottomless pit of learning awaits us all. And this is not a negative awareness, it is an exciting and challenging discovery. It will energize you to learn more and never stop. It is perhaps one of the most energizing and uplifting aspects of the path to Big Goal achievement and will hopefully become a big part of your Big Why. It is not just "live and learn"—it's "live to learn!"

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