The Three Key Hires of a Millionaire Business

One of the great business truths is that it doesn't take a lot of people to make a lot happen. Yes, by the time your business reaches the 7th Level, there will be a lot of people involved. But in any well-organized company of any size, the leader has only to focus on a few key personnel who make all the rest happen. We call this the Three Foot Rule, which demands that we make sure everything within our reach (usually three feet) is magnificent. Applying the Three Foot Rule to your organization means that the people who report directly to you should also be magnificent. When you surround yourself with "capacity" talent, then everything else falls into place. If you do not have "capacity" talent, no amount of work by you is going to salvage it. From the president of the United States to the neighborhood paper boy, no one succeeds by himself. History shows great success is urr,, , , . rr„

The key is to hire good staff.

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So here is a huge truth that most real estate agents might miss: You are probably no more than three hires away from being a Millionaire Real Estate Agent. If you look at the Organizational Model of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent (see Figure 42 in Earn a Million on page 197), you'll notice that when completed there are three people at the top:

1. The lead listings specialist

2. The marketing and administrative manager (who also moves up at the 7th Level to become the business manager)

3. The lead buyer specialist

Everyone else in the chart reports to one of these three people, who, in turn, at any level below the 7th Level, report to you. So when you have those three people in your life and they are magnificent talent, the rest will begin to fall into place. Agents who understand this at a gut level turn their sights toward finding those three key people without hesitation. These three key people will be real "capacity" talent at their jobs. They will see themselves staying for a long time. And they will count on building their careers inside the business of and through a lasting relationship with the Millionaire Real Estate Agent.

You should make note that it is not at least three—it is only three. The key is to have only these three people within your "three feet" and taking your time. The rest of the growth of your company is their job. They will be responsible for recruiting, training, and enforcing standards with the rest as needed to fulfill their job descriptions, departmental goals, and the Big Goals of the team. (Once again, "rock and role" should be playing.) If these three people are not truly capable, then you'll get pieces of their jobs back and some of their people in your space and time.

Five-Year Commitment

When you are looking for these three people, it is extremely important that you seek at least a five-year commitment from them. They need to see the position you are "Retention is critical!" „ . „ , can't convincingly demonstrate that level of enthusiasm for your business. Why? You want keepers for life. You need three magnificent people who see themselves in a business relationship with you for a long time.

Big Goals and a clear understanding of what it takes to achieve them will be the real keys to attracting this kind of talent to your organization. Big Goals are like recruiting magnets. They will not only pull you through, they'll attract key talent to you. If there is one thing talent enjoys, it is a big vision of the future and the challenge of getting there. If talent perceives your goals to be too low, you may find him question

Glen Calderon Millionaire Real Estate Agent Ozone Park, NY Sales volume—$73 million offering them as having serious potential to be their life's work. No matter how great the candidate, don't settle for anyone who ing them from the start. "Why not $2.4 million in GCI?" The positions you're hiring for will not be easy. In fact, they will be full life-expanding challenges, and you don't want to present them as anything less. Low goals and minimal job descriptions actually tend to attract less-ambitious people who look for jobs that will neither push them nor force them to grow. And if those kinds of people are running your business, you should not expect it to grow either. Anything short of magnificent talent need not apply!

Weekly Meetings

So you've found your three key people, managed to recruit them, and are reaping the benefits of bringing real talent to your organization. You must now dedicate time to meet with these key people, strategize, and work on goals and accountability. Open your calendar and pick two hours during the week and reserve those blocks of time every week for the year. One hour will be dedicated to meeting with the person who runs the business. The other hour will be spent with this person as well as the other two key personnel. This second meeting is like an executive staff meeting.

These meetings should always start and end with a discussion of your business goals, whether or not the business is on track, and how to get it on track or keep it there. Ask them to bring their individual goal worksheets that have their personal long-term, one-year, one-month, and weekly goals. You don't need agendas for these meetings—your company goals and their individual goals are the agenda. What else would you need to talk about? Nothing. The rest is all 80 percent stuff. These meetings are consultative; they are about accountability, but they should also be rich with idea sharing and exploration of new directions for the business. If these people are magnificent talent, they will not only identify new areas for growth in your business, but will also serve as excellent sounding boards for your ideas.


Not only is it your responsibility to hire the person who will be managing the day-to-day business, but it will also be your responsibility to oversee and be as involved as necessary in the hiring of the other two key personnel. If you've recruited the right person to manage your business, she will likely identify excellent candidates for the other two positions. But don't be lulled into passivity by the magnificence of your first primary hire. You must be actively involved in the hiring of the other two and make absolutely sure they are right for the job. There is simply too much at stake. In the end, hiring and staying in business with these three key people become your total people focus. When done right, they'll hire, train, and consult the rest. When done wrong, you'll get it all back and you'll be busier than you've ever been in your life. Interestingly, the more you focus on making sure your team has the right three key people, no matter how many people you ultimately have, your life becomes and stays less stressful and less complicated than before. It all becomes much more manageable.

The big thought here is this: The way to build a great big business is to build a great small business first. And, in our experience, the way you build that great small business is to build it around three magnificent people. When you get out of their way, provide accountability, and avoid placing limitations on their growth, the great big business will come.

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