Internet Appendix

Throughout, our discussions refer you to a variety of web sites that expand upon the topics covered. For convenience, I have arranged these web sites by category and have listed them here. For an overall information and referral site, see

With hundreds of thousands of real estate- and mortgage-related web sites, the following list only samples some of the more popular sites. If you've got the time and the will to sort through the data overload that the web now offers, you can certainly make a more informed homebuying and borrowing decision.

Yet, beware. Many sites do not provide accurate data, nor does the data necessarily relate to your specific need. For example, neighborhood data and school data are plagued with inconsistencies, omissions, errors, and ill-defined measures. I performed an analysis for the neighborhood where I was raised and was truly baffled by some of the wildly incorrect information that appeared. Do not accept web-based data as the last word. Check and verify all information. The web does not reduce your need to walk and talk the neighborhood; visit schools, shops, parks, and other facilities; physically view comp properties; and drive areas where you might like to look for For Sale signs.

Credit Score Booster

Credit Score Booster

There are many misconceptions about credit scores out there. There are customers who believe that they don’t have a credit score and many customers who think that their credit scores just don’t really matter. These sorts of misconceptions can hurt your chances at some jobs, at good interest rates, and even your chances of getting some apartments.

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