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McLean, Andrew James.

Investing in real estate / Andrew J. McLean and Gary W. Eldred.—5th ed.

p. cm. Includes index.

ISBN-13 978-0-471-74120-6 (pbk) ISBN-10 0-471-74120-5 (pbk) 1. Real estate investment—United States. I. Eldred, Gary W. II. Title.

HD255.M374 2005 332.63'24—dc22

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Author's Note

I wish to acknowledge Andrew McLean for his work on the first edition of this best-selling book. Subsequently, though, Andy withdrew from the project. Accordingly, I would like to inform readers that, as with the second, third, and fourth editions, this fifth edition remains my sole responsibility (along with my secretary Barbara Smerage and assistant Mohsen Mofid—to whom I offer my thanks and appreciation). To contact me with questions or comments, please e-mail [email protected] or phone (800) 942-9304, extension 20691. (Please include a telephone number with your e-mail.) You will also find many helpful links, additional information, and the latest investing trends at my website, garyeldred. com. And for those seeking advanced practical wealth-building skills, check out May your real estate investing bring you years of satisfaction and good fortune.

Gary W. Eldred


Prologue: Does Investing in Real Estate Still Make Sense? xxv



A Dependable and Growing Flow of Income 3

Property versus Stock 4

What about Bonds? 6

Don't Fall for the Annuity Sales Pitches 6

Are Rent Collections Dependable? 7

Why Rents Will Continue to Increase 8

From Baby Bust to Echo Boom 9

New Construction Can't Keep Pace 9

More Good News for Property Appreciation 10

But First, the Reckoning 11

The Relevance to Property Appreciation 12

The Interest Rate Kicker 14

Reason, Not Faith 17

You Can Still Win with Properties (for Now) 17

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