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Total Money Magnetism is developed by Dr. Steve G. Jones who is a clinical Hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner since 1980s. He was a financially weak person struggling to pay his debts, somehow perceived an unusual guidance from a friend after which he became a self-made multi-millionaire, featured in Forbes magazine, People magazine and a lot of articles and radio interviews, and his clients include Hollywood celebrities, directors, CEOs, executives, and sports athletes. That guidance was 6 step secret method to develop a millionaire's brain which he explains in detail on this online interface. Actually, a poor person's brain is stuck in the same scratch while rich man's brain is well mapped and has the neural strength to always develop money making ideas. So Total Money Magnetism uses scientifically proven methods to effortlessly transform the programming of the brain to remove mental blocks, develop wealth pathways and build connections. This platform offers The Skill of Money Magnetism e-book, a valuable and inspirational audio track by Steve G. Jones himself, The Millionaire Mindset, which is an exclusive interview with many self-made millionaires, Mark Ling's 3 fastest ways to make millions online, and Platinum Millionaire Mind Makers, which are three proven and tested audio tracks to steadily and unconsciously reset your mind to become attractive to wealth. Continue reading...

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Your First Goal Financial Independence

Dreams of wealth, a luxurious lifestyle, and multimillionaire status may be driving you now, but if you're going to make them come true, you need to establish a few simple goals. And your first goal should be financial independence. The definition of financial independence is having enough money coming in every month to make your mortgage and car payments, put food on the table, have a little luxury money left, and not need a full-time job. For me, financial independence came at the age of 23, when I had properties generating a net income of 1,400 a month. That may not sound like much today, but remember that at the time I was making 6 an hour working in a slaughterhouse 240 a week so 1,400 a month was nearly double my take-home wages. That's when I was able to quit my job and concentrate on building my real estate business. That's what you want Have enough passive income coming in every month so you can pay your mortgage and car loan, handle your other expenses, and have a little bit...

Positive Mental Attitude Is the Most Essential Element in Achieving Success

And if you happen to be one of the many people in America who have an overly negative attitude, you are in desperate need of what is known in the Marine Corps as an attitude adjustment. In simple terms, an attitude adjustment involves changing or adjusting your outlook on life, from that of a skeptical pessimist looking for nothing but the worst, to an open-minded optimist, who focuses on the reward instead of the risk. This does not mean that you ignore risks it simply means that you no longer let them stop you from achieving success.

Make Money When You Buy Not Just When You Sell

Yes, long-term appreciation will boost a property's value. Nevertheless, if you overpay, you may wait five years (or more) for the market to catch up. During that time you could have been building wealth. Even worse, the more you pay (especially with high loan-to-value LTV financing), the larger your mortgage payments, the less your cash flow. In fact, often today's high prices yield negative cash flows. Whenever possible, make money when you buy, not just when you sell. You reduce risk and increase your chance for great returns when you buy properties at or (preferably) below their market values. But this tactic requires that you know what the term market value really means.2

Millionaire Real Estate Agent

Like everything else, real estate sales has its 20 percent. The 20 percent the Millionaire Real Estate Agent focuses on are the Three L's Leads, Listings, and Leverage. When you are concentrating on Leads, Listings, and Leverage, you are focusing on the key activities that will yield the greatest return for your business. Let's refresh our memory as to why these areas should always be foremost in your mind and go into a bit more detail.

The Second Goal Category of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent Listings

This is the second most important number a Millionaire Real Estate Agent needs to know. Your entire business model should be built around obtaining a certain number of seller listings each month and year. Seller listings, as we have mentioned, are the high-leverage, maximum-earning opportunity in this industry. Seller listings properly marketed will generate more leads and buyer contracts. If you don't get them, your model can quickly begin to break down.

Quick Way to Build Cash Flow and Achieve Financial Independence

To make money from mobile homes, the first thing you need to do is get rid of any preconceived notions you may have about trailer parks. Understand that many people choose to live in mobile homes because of their affordability, but many also enjoy the mobile home lifestyle -just as some people prefer condominiums and others prefer single-family homes. Mobile homes are popular as retirement housing, as seasonal second homes, and as primary homes for young families and individuals in the low-income to middle-income brackets. Though most mobile homes are technically mobile meaning they have wheels and can be moved the vast majority of them are installed on a site and never moved.

Longterm wealth building

Would you like to borrow a million dollars from a friend interest free for five years Imagine you had a friend who said, Here is the money. All I want is for you to return my original million dollars back to me within five years. Any profits you make with the money are yours to keep. wouldn't you love to have a friend like that In a sense that's exactly what you're able to enjoy with Purchase option investing. The only real difference is that instead of a million dollars cash earning you money, you have a million dollars worth of property that you control earning you money. Just like that million dollars sitting in a bank at five percent would earn you 50,000 a year, as the value of the real estate you control goes up in value, you are making money with someone else's asset This is leveraging in the best sense.

Were in the Money Making Money by Investing in Real Estate

You can make money in several different ways, such as capital appreciation, renting, and equity buildup, by investing in real estate. As an agent (and as a test taker), you need to be familiar with all the moneymaking methods and the appropriate terminology. In this section, I cover the basics. The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to making money on investments is that an investor expects these two kinds of returns

TIP To be financially free your real estate must produce income in good or bad economies Once you learn to do that you

Rich dad often said, Many lazy people are hard-working people. At first, I did not understand what he meant. As I got older, I began to understand his words more clearly. Growing older, I also found it easier to be busy at work than it was to do what I needed to do. Today, I still use excuses such as, I'm busy or I have too much work to do or I need a break. Today, I meet many hard-working people, hiding behind the curtain of hard work, yet deep down, they are too lazy to get rich. So they invent an excuse. When I was in high school, my poor dad often said to me, I can't go to your football game because I've got work to do. He never attended a game in the three years I played high school football. He also said the same thing about becoming rich or at least financially free. He was always busy. In my opinion, he often used hard work as an excuse to hide from life. He was a good, hardworking, high-income, poor man.

The Millionaire Real Estate Energy Plan

Early in my professional career, I discovered a simple program to harness energy for my life and pull me through the day. It is deceptively simple, but it is also one of the most powerful things I've ever done in support of my goals. Having a steady supply of positive energy is invaluable for the entrepreneur I call it the Millionaire Real Estate Agent Energy Plan a big plan for big energy David and Judie Crockett Millionaire Real Estate Agents Concord, OH Sales volume 53 million The Millionaire Real Estate Agent Energy Plan The Millionaire Real Estate Agents we know read books, listen to tapes, watch videos, and attend seminars and classes regularly. In fact, many spend as much as 10 to 15 percent of their work time pursuing learning. They call it an investment in themselves and a necessary one on the path to big achievement. We agree. It is both a good business strategy and a great life strategy.

The Eighth Goal Category of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent Personal Education

If there is one thing that our experience has shown over the years, it is that Millionaire Real Estate Agents are always focused on personal development. For themselves, they attend seminars, seek out consulting relationships, and require their staff to do the same. They are always looking for ways to improve how they and their staff operate professionally and personally.

The Hiring Path of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent

Some Millionaire Real Estate Agents may opt to make the buyer specialist a graduated hire and begin with a licensed showing assistant. This allows them the option of being directly involved in initial consultations, negotiations, and preparing offers and contracts, while avoiding potentially long afternoons escorting buyers around town. By getting help in the selling side, you can increasingly devote your attention to the two most important sales activities in your model, leads and listings. As we have discussed, the more listings you have and market properly, the more buyers you will have. As you increasingly devote your energies to listings, you may need more than one person on the buyer side to handle the selling side of your business. In the end, you will need a talented lead buyer The lead coordinator is an interesting piece of the administrative puzzle. This is the person charged with receiving, sourcing, assigning, and tracking your leads through a database. In the beginning,...

Having a Financial Goal

One of the first steps toward success is knowing what you want out of your real estate career. However, financial independence is not a specific-enough answer. I've been in real estate, either in direct sales or teaching, speaking, training, writing, or coaching people, for nearly 20 years. I've met tens of thousands of agents and nearly every one started selling real estate with the same goal of financial independence. Countless times I've asked the question Tell me, how do you define financial independence What I usually hear in response is some variation of the answer, So I don't have to worry about money anymore. The key to eliminating money worries is establishing a financial goal an actual number that you need to accumulate in order to achieve the quality of life you want to enjoy. Financial independence boils down to a number. Set that number in your mind and then launch your career with the intention to achieve your goal by a specific date. By having your financial goal in...

Does This Stuff Really Work

Is it really possible to make money investing in real estate This is an easy question for us to answer. We, the authors of this book, have both been active investors for over 20 years. In fact, we added it up and found that together we have 50 years of experience in real estate (and we looked at each other thinking That makes you quite old ). And, even more important, despite our active schedules due to our respective businesses and speaking calendars, we are both still prolific real estate investors. But, those are just our stories. Here are a couple more stories of how our clients and customers have been able to use insider's tips to make money in real estate.

Professional Athlete Starts Making Real Money

Ognized that there was a lot of money to be made in various ways in real estate. For example, they could make money buying, rehabbing, and selling property. But they wanted to do something that Dolf calls property with a twist. In other words, they searched for extraordinary profit-making opportunities. They found that they could buy certain properties on a block and then control a large portion of that block. In this way, they leveraged their position to a large developer. Recently they spent nearly 3 million by slowly buying individual properties, and then resold them as a project for over 9 million. They've made a lot of money, and they've also had a significant role in transforming neighborhoods.

Nurse Quits Her Job So She Can Make Some Real Money

Sometimes work gets in the way of making money. That was the case for two clients of Diane's CPA firm. We'll call them Marvin and Joan for purposes of this story. Marvin was a highly compensated doctor and his wife Joan continued to work parttime as a nurse. She did it more for something to do than for the money. Marvin earned a very high income, but he felt trapped. The money they made went to support their high lifestyle. They didn't want to change their lifestyle, but instead looked for ways that they could make more money. up apartment projects, which she then quickly rented. In less than five years, Marvin and Joan made more money from their real estate than they did from Marvin's medical practice. They were financially free and they paid less tax.

It Really Is Who You Know That Counts

One of the things that Dolf and Diane both do in their businesses is teach the people they work with. And, we've found that no matter where you are, or what your circumstances, it is possible to make money in real estate. We're fortunate to work with Beverly and Amy on a daily basis. Here are their real estate stories.

Wealthbuilding Factor 3velocity

In order to create the plan for building wealth. We definitely agree that is important. But, we want to talk about an additional component velocity. Velocity is the speed at which you're moving on that path. Once you've calculated your velocity, you'll not only know where you are going but how fast it will take to get there.

Wealthbuilding Strategy 4cash Flow

She couldn't afford to keep paying for those negative cash flowing properties and the market was down. She panicked and sold them for even greater losses. When it was all done, she barely was able to avoid bankruptcy. Now she looked again at building a real estate portfolio. But this time she wanted to do it in a smart way by taking advantage of the five fundamental wealth-building strategies. Key for her was to make sure that the properties all created cash flow and created passive income. Will she make it It's hard to say. She has to overcome the big emotional loss first before she ever fully trusts the real estate market again.

What Do You Want From Real Estate

Be clear at the outset of what your goal is as you invest in real estate. What is it you want from your investments And then develop a plan to give you that. Learn to say no to deals that don't fit the outcome you want. They can be great ways to make money for someone else. If it's not fulfilling what you want, it's just a distraction from your purpose.

Possible Sources of Money

List 10 reasons why you can't make money in real estate. What is stopping you right now Some examples might be I don't have time. My credit is bad. It's impossible to find a deal in my home town. (Most people can come up with four or five options and get so discouraged they stop. Or maybe they can think of only five or six items. Well, this is the book for overachievers. We want you to keep going until you get 10 reasons. By the end of it, you might get really tired of finding reasons why you can't do a no-money-down deal.)

Three Cycles Of A Property

We've gone through many steps involved in finding a property. Now, it's time to put all of the information together into a tangible plan that you can use to make money in real estate The simple three-cycle system for property started from a conversation with Morgan Smith, founder of Morgan Capital. Morgan, at 33 years of age, has 60 offices and over 650 employees and yet still finds time to invest in his own real estate. He doesn't have time to waste on unnecessary steps. That's why this simple system is so effective.

The Insiders Speed Method for Turning Bad Questions into Good Questions

To turn off a qualified advisor is to not trust him. Neither Dolf nor Diane need the money they make from their books, seminars, or other businesses. Both are completely financially independent based solely on their real estate investments. Why do we write books and speak publicly, holding ourselves out for public scrutiny It's because we are passionate about the education we provide and the transformations we are privileged to

Five Fundamental Wealthbuilding Concepts Of Real Estate

You can maximize the unique wealth-building concepts of real estate to gain even further benefit. These wealth-building concepts are Do you want to know more about how to take advantage of these concepts You'll need to explore Chapter 4 One warning, though if you've read this and are sure that leverage of money means more debt (and that is sort of the right answer), we'll give you some financial planning for real estate investor tidbits first. In fact, if you've ever used your credit card because of an emergency such as your car breaking down or an unforeseen medical expense or even a sudden urge for a new purse or car, you'll learn how you can still have those things, but never have to use your credit card. That's all in Chapter 4 as well.

Want To Be Rich I Dont Have Money And My Credit Stinks

Of course, we answer all of those questions in The Insider's Guide to Making Money in Real Estate. But, there is another important question to consider here first for the person who has bad credit and no money. Why What is it about this person's past actions that has created this problem and what action steps should be done first to stop a former financial pattern from repeating The most important chapter to read in this case might very well be Chapter 3, What It Really Takes to Succeed in Real Estate. It's not a case of simply tapping into all the people anxious to give you money, although they really do exist. It's a case of first understanding what has caused the current situation.

Jump Start Your Wealth

Diane introduced the Jump Start method of tax-advantaged wealth-building in Loopholes of the Rich How the Rich Legally Make More Money and Pay Less Tax (2004, Wiley). (See Figure 4.1.) This method takes advantage of the three major components of favorable tax laws. These are (1) your business, (2) your real estate investments, and (3) your home. Did you notice that two of the three sources of tax loopholes come from real estate And, if your business buys the building it is in, you've got yet another real estate component. Did you notice that steps four through seven all relate to real estate We'll concentrate on those steps throughout the rest of the book. Real estate investing grows wealth even faster when you take advantage of the five wealth-building strategies

Why Real Estate

If you've bought this book, chances are you're looking for ways to make money. You might be intrigued with the idea of a passive income stream, or income that works when you don't want to, or perhaps you just relish the idea of telling your boss I quit some day soon. Maybe you're experiencing the feeling of I don't want to miss out as you hear about the success stories of other real estate investors, or it could be that you're already a successful real estate investor and are looking for the insider's tips to take your current investing to another level. No matter what level you are currently at, or what outcome you want from your real estate investing, the benefits you get will be directly related to how much you utilize all the wealth-building attributes of real estate. Owning real estate is not the only way to get rich. However, it is an easy way to begin building wealth. And real estate investing is the easiest way we know to build wealth using the principles of leverage and...

Tax Deductions

Many people find it hard to start a business, but investing in real estate is more passive. It still requires some work, especially in the beginning, but it is more achievable for most people than most other wealth-building techniques. Now, here's the good news. Real estate investing is also a business. You can now take advantage of all of the tax benefits that are available to the business owner.

Tax Credits

Now how can you make the real estate benefits even bigger Chapter 4 will discuss how you can make even more when you take into account the five fundamental wealth-building strategies. The Insider's Guide to Making Money in Real Estate might look like a book, but we want to let you in on a secret. It's really a guidebook on how you can make money in real estate. Because it's not really a book, we don't want you to just sit back and passively read it. It's not enough to just learn about how real estate and tax laws can immediately put money in your pocket. You need to also be an active participant in creating your own real estate wealth. Now here's the active participation part. Look at the next two categories of action steps. One is for people who already have real estate investment property and the other is for people who do not yet have real estate investment property. Go through the action steps applicable for where you are. The first part of his study involved finding out what...

Other Peoples Time

For many people, this is as far as they can see how to use leverage in their business. And, to be honest, we've seen people only get this far and make over a million dollars a year. They mastered the first three leverage points knowledge, systems, and other people's time. But there are two more leverage points, even more powerful than the others, still available

Buying Returns

Vestors who had gotten stuck at four properties. But, he didn't want to get stuck there. In fact, Tony made a lot of money through his other ventures and so he was accumulating cash that could be used for real estate. Cash on cash was the only analysis point he knew how to do. In fact, he never really learned how to read a property's financial statement. He finally got sick and tired of accumulating cash in a low-yield money market and decided any real estate investment was better than nothing.

Meet Dolf de Roos

Own international seminars, and regularly takes part in radio shows and television debates. Born in New Zealand, raised in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, Dolf, with six languages up his sleeve, offers a truly global perspective on the surprisingly lucrative wealth-building opportunities of real estate.


These little snippets from conversations with qualified advisors investors show how valuable simply listening to your team can be. To quote Alec, After all, you're not doing all this just to buy real estate. You're buying real estate to make money. Anyone can buy real estate. It takes skill to make money doing it. The methods you talked about pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, tax sales, and the like are all valid ways to buy real estate. In fact, we believe that all education is good. The secret is to ask yourself what you are going to do with that information. Are you ready to move forward with investing Instead of looking for that one more piece of how do I do this , may we suggest that you today begin building your team and with the help of strong, reliable team members take the first step toward building your financial freedom through real estate The only way that it makes sense is if you really need to pay off the house to sleep at night and are tired of making money. A house...

With Dave Jenks And Jay Papasan

WHAT AGENTS ARE SAYING ABOUT The Millionaire Real Estate Agent The Millionaire Real Estate Agent changed my life The concepts were very awakening and enlightening to me. The systems already mapped out for me to follow are priceless. Just take the book and carry it with you at all times as a road map to get you where you want to go. The concept 'Millionaire Real Estate Agent' is a lofty goal for anyone to strive for. The models provided in this book identify the pathways and the pitfalls. From the outset, Gary makes it clear that 'the money' is not the issue, but merely a marker. The ultimate goal is making a business worth having in order to have a life worth living. If any agent currently in real estate wants to make more money, net more money, work less and succeed at the highest level possible in their professional and personal lives, then The Millionaire Real Estate Agent was designed for them. Our business, our net worth, and our lives have all been greatly enhanced because of...

Real Estate Options What They Are How They Work and Why You Should Use Them

I first want to thank you for investing your money in a copy of How to Make Money with Real Estate Options. This one-of-a-kind book was written for serious, rational, reasonable, intelligent, reality-based, goal-driven, and action-oriented adults who are willing to take calculated risks in order to profit from the many money-making opportunities that real estate options provide today. I am a firm believer that a real how-to book should tell its readers precisely what to do while providing detailed instructions on exactly how to do it. I also believe that a how-to book should live up to its title. And I am very confident that this unique book will exceed your expectations on both counts As you will soon find out, it is packed with step-by-step instructions, ready-to-use worksheets, checklists, letters and agreements, and practical, no-nonsense advice on how to use real estate options to control undervalued properties with immediate resale profit potential.

The Closing145

While million-dollar deals are usually put together clause by clause, in most smaller deals people use whatever contract form is handy. Usually this is the form provided by the real estate broker. While this often results in the buyer paying for things he could have avoided, it sometimes costs the seller money, too.

Speedy Results Are Possible in Real Estate

I started out to become a millionaire 19 months ago with the idea of making it in five years. So far I've acquired about 200,000 in income properties and lakeshore raw land. I had no cash when I started this venture, but acting on the advice in one of your books I borrowed 10,000 in the form of a mortgage on my home. Since I had an excellent credit rating, I was able to buy two income buildings for 1 down on each. I just sold one of them for a net profit of 2,000 after owning it a year. I bought another building with 8 apartments for 63,000 with 1 down I could sell it now for a 10,000 net profit. There is no possible way I could put a price on the value your books have been to me in the past year and a half. California

If One Is Good Several Are Better

That means you're building equity in the property and increasing your net worth each month as you deposit the tenant's rent check and write your own check to the lender. And if you can do it with one house, why couldn't you do it with two or three or four or however many it will take for you to reach your financial goals

How to Contact the Author

HOW YOU CAN MAKE MONEY IN REAL ESTATE TODAY WITHOUT EVER BUYING ANY PROPERTY The problem with 99 percent of all the property-flipping strategies being taught today is that they require would-be real estate mavens to go out on buying binges and scarf up properties like they are going out of style and thus become financially responsible for monthly loan payments and property repairs. But for many people who want to profit from real estate, outright property ownership is too expensive, too time consuming, and far too risky. They crave a low-cost, low-risk way to make money in real estate, without ever having to buy any property. And this is exactly where little known and seldom used real estate options come into play. Options provide the ideal strategy for people who want to be part-time investors because they do not have a lot of money or time to spend on real estate. Plus, options are an excellent way for savvy investors to create leverage, reduce risk, and conserve capital, while...

External Factors That Influence Success

The part of the country in which you work. It doesn't take any more ability or effort to sell a 300,000 house than it does to sell one that costs 150,000 (actually, often it takes far less), but you make roughly twice as much when you do. If you successfully sell residential real estate in an area where housing prices are traditionally high, you will earn a very impressive income. The obvious counterpoint is that it will cost you a lot to live there. Where you work will make a big difference in how much money you make. In most instances, you will be much better off working where you know the territory (and are known in the territory), but there are greener, high-paying pastures if you have wanderlust. For example, early in my Air Force career, I was stationed for a short time in New Rochelle, New York, which is in Westchester County. The last figures I saw on the median price of homes, they were around half a million dollars. The San Francisco Bay area is another area with high-priced...

Should You Invest With Little Or No Cash Or Credit

If investing in real estate with little or no cash or credit were a sure route to wealth, this country would be awash in real estate millionaires. Overall, more than 10 million people have bought various nothing-down books, tapes, videos, courses, and seminars. With all this knowledge of creative finance floating about, you might think that the secrets of building real estate wealth were available to almost everyone.

The Job It Isnt Just Driving People Around

Elcome to the wonderful world of real estate. I wish I had you here in my classroom so I could ask you, as I do of my students on the first day of class, why you want to get your real estate license. Sure, it's to make money, but what drew you to the field Have you always been interested in houses Do you want to become an investor or a property manager Do the flexible hours and being your own boss appeal to you Real estate is exciting, and it's constantly changing and growing. There's always something new to learn and plenty of opportunities to make money, do interesting work, and help people.

Healthy Monthly Income

Still, in the long run, you will end up building a great deal of long-term equity in your property, both from paying down the loan over the 30 years and also from the property's appreciation over time. If you did nothing more than buy 5-10 properties, and then manage them for the next thirty years, you would become a millionaire. it is a sure road to wealth.

Exchange Intermediary

Every time a client presents me with an opportunity to participate in an IRC Section 1031 transaction, I insist that he or she had his or her accountants run the numbers to determine the effect of paying the taxes versus deferring the tax with an exchange. From my vantage point, the tax savings do not replace the need for a strong real estate transaction for the replacement property. I believe you make money buying real estate which is best demonstrated when you sell real estate.

You Must Be Able to Visualize a Property Being Put to a Variety of Uses

One of the keys to consistently making money as a real estate option investor is the ability to look at a piece of vacant property and visualize it being put to a variety of profitable uses. The real estate buzzword for this is adaptive reuse, which refers to putting a property to use in a way in which it was not originally intended. For example, when most people look at a vacant three-bay gas station, all they ever see is just a vacant three-bay gas station. However, when a savvy real estate option investor with a fertile imagination looks at a vacant three-bay gas station, he or she immediately sees a

Factors Affecting Market Analysis Beyond The Numbers

The market study and feasibility study may represent typical documents as reflections of a properly completed market analysis process. However, the mere presentation of fact is not enough. Just as accountants may present financial statements as rows and columns of numbers, those statements become most valuable when the accountant also explains what those numbers reveal. In real estate analysis, the same rule applies. There are several important differences, however, between specific real

TE The Sum of Talent and Equity

One plus one is greater than two. Talent is wasted without equity, and equity tends to dissipate without talent. However, properly combined, T+E equals pure power. While it may be true that it sometimes takes money to make money, my experience tells me that of the two, talent or equity, talent is somewhat more important in building and maintaining wealth. For example, who wouldn't want to have the talent of Warren Buffett managing one's equities Of course, Mr. Buffett is not for hire. I understand it is

Love the action Its what I love most about the real estate business

Don Zeleznak Millionaire Real Estate Agent Scottsdale, AZ Sales volume 77 million We've found that the Big Why that gives you an action-first, damn the torpedoes mind-set combined with a Big Model that gives you everyday focus provides a powerful one-two punch toward knocking out your Big Goals. It follows that those who concentrate on implementing Big Models get a huge boost in living the Think Action principle of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent.

Make business happen you try It followsJoe Rothchild

That if you never quit Millionaire Real Estate Agent Having a Big Why will help you focus on what the Millionaire Real Estate Agent usually has going for him the power and motivation that comes when your greatest fear is not reaching your goal. This allows him to slough off setbacks as they go without ever losing his faith or his momentum. He fears ultimate failure but is indomitable in the face of intermittent failure. Top agents persevere through the failures along the way so that they do not fail at the end of the day.

Develop for the Long Term

Without exception we build communities with the full intent of operating them once they are done. If the market is strong and the right buyer knocks on our door after the development is complete, we have an alternate option to make money on the investment, but we don't enter a project with this end in mind. It takes many months, or years, from the time we create the vision of our finished community to the time when we collect even a dollar in rent from the first tenant. To predict what the market will be like at the finish line is not always possible. But if you plan to own and operate the project after it is built and use those numbers in your pro forma, you begin with a more solid platform a better business premise from which to launch your development, lease it up, and operate the community profitably.

Think Competitively and Strategically

Mike Mendoza Millionaire Real Estate Agent Phoenix, AZ Sales volume 60 million Treating it like a game is also about learning to Think Strategically. The problem is that most real estate agents can't distinguish between rules (how you play) and strategies (how you win). In real estate, our rules have nothing to do with making money. They are about conduct, ethics, and protocol. You can be a master of conduct, ethics, and protocol and still be a pauper Now, I'm not in any way insinuating that you need to break the rules to succeed. Rules are about proper requisites and restraints. I advocate playing by them however, strategies are often found in the gray areas in between the rules. I can't relate to you how many times I've heard the following type of exchange low achiever Can we do that HIGH ACHIEVER Why Did someone say we couldn't When you go to work, to get the most out of your career you should have the same attitude as when you sit down to play a game. Think Competitively and...

Appraisal How To Discover Great Properties

With the knowledge from Chapter 2, you can now figure out a way to finance real estate. But to buy profitably, you must value property accurately. In the past, many real estate investors, to their regret, lost sight of this critical point. Even today most popular how-to books on real estate investing give short shrift to valuing properties. Why Because many authors and investors mistakenly believe that inflation cures all mistakes. Naively, many people think that to make money in real estate, all you have to do is buy it. Even if you pay too much, rising prices will eventually bail you out. Here's what David Schumacher has written

An Overview of the Real Estate Business

One of the most important things I've learned and that I teach my students is that making money in real estate is not a gamble nor does it depend on luck or chance. If you are properly trained, have developed a working system, and understand the basic rules, you'll make money consistently, no matter where you live. Every industry has its characteristics, the basic realities that are unchangeable and unarguable. In this chapter, I share some key fundamentals about investing in real estate and being in business. These truths apply virtually all the time, no matter the circumstances.

Real Life Examples of Fast Buildup of Ownership Assets

Here are seven real-life examples of building wealth in residential real estate. But before you read the letters below, Your first building is an asset. This asset will be valuable. It will show on your financial statement as an asset that is worth money. Now here are seven letters showing how BWBs are building wealth today in residential buildings.

Examining buyer agency agreements

The buyer or the seller may pay the fee in a buyer's agency agreement. Fiduciary responsibility (see the next section) doesn't follow the money. A buyer's agent who owes complete fiduciary responsibility to the buyer can be paid from a portion of the commission paid by a seller to the seller's agent. This is no different that when a fee is split in a co-brokering arrangement in which both brokers represent the seller. See Making Money (No, Not at the Copy Machine), later in this chapter, for more.

Go Where the Money Is

Lots of people want to invest in real estate but don't want to do the work involved in finding the properties and putting the deals together. They may be retired investors who have worked long enough and want to spend their time relaxing, or they may be working professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc.) who want a secure investment with a good return, or they may be anyone who understands the value of investing in real estate. They're willing to fund the deals of people like you who are out there doing the work. They make money and you build wealth it doesn't get much better than that It's also quite common for mortgage brokers to have a supply of private investors just ask. You will also be surprised by what happens when you start networking with your friends and colleagues, letting them know you have a great deal that they can make money on if they're willing to invest with you. Lester Theiss, a student of mine who you'll learn more about in later chapters, tells me he got his own...

Second Career and a Means to Finance a Mission

Steve Bias loves being a minister, but in caring for his congregation, he was working himself to death and neglecting his family. After reading my book, Building Wealth, he decided that a second career as a real estate investor would give him the income he needed to have more control over his life and allow him to spend more time with his family.

Without leads we wouldnt be in business

Chris Cormack Millionaire Real Estate Agent Ashburn, VA Sales volume 70 million Leads are foremost in the Three L's of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent. You need to make sure you are not in the business of Lead Receiving and make sure you are always in the business of Lead Generating (and stay in it). Until you have enough leads to exceed your goals, there is no other issue. And, if you're willing to be a Millionaire Real Estate Agent, you can never have too many.

How Obsolescent Properties Can Be Put to Their Most Profitable

And as I told you in Chapter 2, to consistently make money as an option investor, you must develop the ability to look at a piece of vacant property and come up with a variety of viable uses for it uses that your competitors have overlooked, but which make economic sense. For example, for over two years I drove by a boarded-up gas station located near MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa until one day it dawned on me that this could be an ideal location for a quick oil change and lube shop. I did my market research and found out that the closest oil change shop was 10 miles from the base. And having been in the military, I knew that a lot of service members like to sneak off base during duty hours to run quick errands. To make a long story short, I bought a six-month option for 5,000 and then sent out a detailed property fact sheet, with supporting documentation, to national and regional quick oil change chains. Four months later, I ended up reselling my option to the largest outfit in...

The Basic Truth about Tenants

Now, I've just told you the truth about tenants. Most pay the rent and quietly go about their own life without bothering you. A few will give you trouble. Should the fact that in the course of owning income-producing property you may have to evict a tenant every now and then stop you from using real estate as a wealth-building vehicle No.

Investment Features Affecting Valuation

Risk The concept of risk is easily underestimated, especially by real estate investors. There is a tendency to dismiss risk on the argument that it is easy to make money on real estate. However, a number of risks should be kept in mind. These include the all-important cash flow risk as well as less obvious risks a slow market in which market value does not rise or even falls catastrophic loss due to disasters not covered by insurance policies (including volcanic eruption, or earthquake, for example) the disastrous experience of having a tenant who does not pay rent and who refuses to vacate, and perhaps even one who destroys the property and of course, the risk of a softening rental unit market. All of these risks should Marketability is also affected by obsolescence, the expense of outdated utilities, poor insulation, bad plumbing and electrical systems, or in a general sense the need for repairs that exceed the equity in the property. This last form of problem, one in which the...

TIP Recommendation No 3 Do the homework it takes to fully understand where the market is going not just where it is at

Is your view of the future too far ahead of the curve My rule is to take my time and be patient. There's no need for excessive urgency at this point in the process. If there's room for one person to make money in an area, then there's room for more. In fact, I've found there are very few properties that are so special that if you miss them, you miss the deal of the century or even the decade. While those properties do exist, their owners know it and they typically overprice the properties anyway, negating the value of the deal. A good example is the Esplanade and Biltmore Fashion Park, both within the same city block in the highly sought after Camelback Corridor in Phoenix. Those properties are the types that are bought by huge institutions who want trophy properties where the look and the location are more critical than the solidity of the real estate and the return. For example, General Electric bought Hayden Ferry Lakeside in a prestigious area of Tempe, Arizona. MetLife bought the...

Why You Must Be Able to Think Outside Your Local Real Estate Market

The key to consistently making money with this strategy and every other option strategy that I have outlined in this book is to be able to think outside your own local real estate market. I say this because in my professional opinion, the number one reason that most vacant commercial and industrial properties usually remain vacant for long periods of time is simply that no one in that particular real

Drive Guide The Neighborhood Environment

Technology company that no one has ever heard of with millions in venture capital money and a burn rate of a million dollars per month with one customer and no profits. I also consider the tenant's position within their industry, the level of competition, and where the industry is going.

Valuation Final Words

Most importantly, realize that neither market value nor past appreciation rates forecast the future. You do not make money when you buy a property that's about to fall in value even if you buy it at a bargain price. You can make great returns even if you pay full market value if you have identified a property (or location) that's about to take off.

Methods of Entering the Market

Individual Secondary Mortgage Lending Individuals can assume debt positions (lending money) as well as equity (owning property). These positions can involve significant risk as well. Granting individual second mortgages to property owners creates an income stream and higher than average interest rates. However, if and when such second mortgages are defaulted, the lender is entitled to get their principal returned only after the first mortgage has been paid. In cases where owners overborrow, second mortgage investors could be left with losses. The way to reduce risk is through careful screening and selection of borrowers with plenty of equity in their homes. Some companies specialize in placing money in second mortgages, notably through self-directed retirement plans or financial planning programs.

TIP Recommendation No 10 Phase 3 and Phase 4 are not the times to buy They are the times to research and target

While it is helpful to know that real estate is cyclical and in all cases interconnected by asset class, knowing where you are in a market cycle and predicting where it is going is key. Savvy investors can make money anywhere in the cycle, but it takes great skill and experience to make money on the right side of the line.

Real Estate Sales Success

From all our experience and research, four key models stand out as foundations for a highly successful real estate sales business. Following these models should put you on the surest and quickest path to great real estate sales achievement. Our discussion of these four models will be divided into the two sides illustrated in the figures we saw earlier. First, as an overview, we will briefly explore the key areas of each model. Then we will analyze in much greater detail the key issues and numbers of each model as they specifically relate to the goals of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent. We'll walk the surface of the models to get familiar with them and then dive deep to reach the understanding you'll need to apply these models at a high level.

Investing Case Study

Unfortunately, the building had a very troubled past with many building operators. At one time, Ferdinand Marcos, the infamous president of the Philippines owned it, and during his tenure the building was run into the ground. Eventually, it went into foreclosure and was sold to a member of the Resnick family who had loads of real estate experience, but who still couldn't make it work. He let it go into foreclosure and the holder of the mortgage took it back. Then it went to Kinson Group out of Hong Kong. They put millions of dollars into it, but they also failed dismally. Nobody seemed able to come up with a plan that could transform 40 Wall Street from a loser to a winner. While the Kinson group poured millions of dollars into the property, they also forced most tenants out of the building, leaving it almost vacant, except for a law firm that occupied seven floors on a long-term lease. Kinson left the building with virtually no services and in terrible shape, and to make matters...

Controlling Property with or without Ownership Minimal Cash and No Credit

It's time to learn how to use your brain, not your bank account, to take control of a property and make money from it without ever actually buying it. Options are a smart and simple way to control property especially high-priced real estate with little or no cash. Options can generate lump sum profits, longer-term cash flow, or both it's all in how you structure the deal. It's not difficult, but it does require planning and attention to detail.

Taxes Services and Fiscal Solvency

If you plan to buy into property development that is governed by a property owners' association, check out the associations laws, services, fees, financial reserves, and fiscal solvency in the same way that you would check out a local government. Some property owner associations have failed to put aside enough money to fund repairs and improvements. Owners will suffer costly assessments. (See my book, Make Money with Condominiums and Townhouses, Wiley 2003).

Wealth Secret No 7 Money Is Attracted To Great Ideas

Money always flows to great opportunities. If you don't have money, your motto should be, 'If I don't have it, somebody does.' Whatever you need, you can always find a partner to fill it. If you don't have cash, somebody does. If you don't have the credit or financial statement, somebody does. You provide the opportunity. Let someone else provide the financial strength. You be the idea person let someone else be the money person. Nora, which is more important, the financial strength or the opportunity The idea or the money to fund the idea The cash or the deal A strong financial statement. It may sound crazy but it's true. You've already read about my challenge with the Los Angeles Times to buy a property in seventy-two hours with only one hundred dollars in my pocket. When that reporter took away my wallet, he bankrupted me He took away my financial resources everything the world thinks is wealth my cash, my credit, my cash flow, my financial statement But did he leave me with...

Sandwich Lease Option

With a sandwich lease option, you put yourself in the middle between the property owner and the tenant, and you make money without ever actually owning the property. Here's how it works You find a motivated owner willing to lease option a house to you for a small consideration or, if possible, no option consideration. Make your lease agreement for a period of two years make sure it permits subleasing and requires the owner to pay for any necessary repairs within the first 90 days. Then you lease option the property to a tenant. Get a nonrefundable option consideration of 3 to 5 percent and charge slightly above-market rent (certainly more than you're paying the owner). Your tenant should be responsible for repairs and maintenance.

Characteristics of a Good Farm Area

You need to think about the price range of homes in which you want to invest. Obviously since appreciation is one of the ways you make money with Purchase Option Investing, the more expensive the homes, the more money you will probably make on each deal. What you want to do is find the neighborhood with the price range of homes you would like to invest in using Purchase Option techniques. You should focus on homes that are in the middle to upper-middle portion of the spectrum of homes available in your area. These homes offer the best profit opportunity with the least amount of work. The Purchase Option system however, can be applied to any priced home you want.

Build Your Mortgaging Out Wealth Quickly

I have been involved in acquiring income producing real estate for approximately one year. I have acquired over one million dollars of property with zero cash down, and have pulled a considerable amount of cash from the transactions. I work part time as a freelance advertising consultant and my wife is a university professor. I have a management

Fixer Upper Lease Option

One of the most popular ways to make money in real estate is to buy distressed properties, fix them up, and then either sell or rent them. The advantage is that those properties can usually be purchased below market value. The challenge is that you need cash for the down payment, fix-up costs, and interest on the loan until you complete the repairs and can rent or sell the house.

What You Need to Do When Buying an Option on a Property You Want Rezoned

In Chapter 5, I told you how to use the lease and option strategy to profit from single-family houses. Now, I tell you how to use the LASH strategy to profit from long-term, flat-rate master leases and real estate options. LASH is an acronym that I have coined for lease and sublease higher. The LASH strategy involves making money through the use of master leases, subleases, or sandwich leases and real estate options. The LASH strategy was used on the Empire State Building in New York City from 1961 to 2002. During this time, the National Historic Landmark was operated under a master lease. The World Trade Center was operated under a 99-year master lease before it was destroyed in the infamous terrorist attack of September 11, 2001. However, before you go adding LASH to your repertoire of real estate option strategies, you first need to know

Fresh Approaches to Familiar Problems

Before going into the process of profiting from foreclosures, let's clear up the most common misperception about them You can't make money in foreclosures because there's too much competition. That's simply not true. Are other investors out there buying foreclosures Of course. Will some of them get a deal you wanted Probably. Will you get deals they wanted Definitely. Don't worry about competition from other investors it means the business is strong and will keep you on your toes. One of the biggest competitors you'll have in foreclosures is not other investors it's bankruptcy. When people in financial trouble decide to give up and walk away from their problems, you can't help them. But if you can get to them before they reach that point, you may be able to help them salvage their credit, find a place to live, and get their life back in order. And in the process you'll make money that's what makes this a great business to be in.

Play Red Light Green Light

You should never be as concerned with how much money you're actually spending as you are with the results you get by spending it. At some point in your career, it will take the careful spending of money to make money, so over time be prepared to invest money back into your business to build it. It is not the spending of money that is the problem. The problem is holding Don Zeleznak Millionaire Real Estate Agent Scottsdale, AZ Sales Volume 77 million

Prequalify Homeowners And Properties

By detailing various negatives in the preceding discussion, I do not imply that you can't make money working with property owners facing foreclosure. You can. But only if you strictly prequalify the homeowners and the property. Before moving forward toward a workout, check its potential by answering the following eight questions

Its All About Adding Value

Today, some of the most beautiful real estate is being boarded up as casualties of economic decline. It takes a special kind of investor to invest not only to make money, but to also bring an area in decline back up. I tried it once and did okay but not great. Truthfully, I was an outsider coming in, hoping to make a quick buck from a bad situation. Now personally wiser, I have a better appreciation for what Curtis does. It takes more than knowing about real estate. It takes knowing the people and the psychology of the neighborhood, and, most importantly, having a desire to be a part of the community. This is what I have learned about real estate from Curtis and Diana. If you resolve to become a problem solver someone who embraces rather than runs away from problems your chances of achieving success in real estate investing will dramatically increase. The next step becomes finding appropriate problem properties.

Real Estate Agent Models

Now that we've introduced and covered the four models high real estate sales achievement is built upon, let's take a close look at them from the Millionaire Real Estate Agent's point of view. Let's now study the issues and numbers of becoming a millionaire in real estate sales. One of our discoveries while working with and interviewing Millionaire Real Estate Agents was that the transition between Earn a Above all you'll be focused on generating leads. I like to say lead generation comes first, last, and always. The difference between the Millionaire Real Estate Agent and an average real estate agent is that the millionaire never drops the ball on lead generation. It doesn't matter whether his computer crashed or his assistant quit, he systematically pursues leads and, when finished, then turns his attention to the problems of the day. He knows that if he allows himself to be distracted from his core job, he'll always be lagging behind and exposing himself to the vagaries of shifting...

Getting High On Opium aka OPM

Generally, we are reluctant to lend people money. Nearly everyone has been burned by someone who has failed to pay back a loan. Similarly, we have all been exposed to the notion that in order to make money, you need money. Consequently, there is something wonderfully and intuitively satisfying about making money big dollops of it without having to put up any capital. As we saw repeatedly in Part One, banks and other financial institutions are very willing to lend money secured against property. When you buy property using Other People's Money (OPM), you are gearing your investment through leverage. You are using other people's money to make money for

Estate Agent Lead Generation Model

To achieve big in real estate sales, you will need a lot of leads. To be a Millionaire Real Estate Agent, you will need enough leads to drive your millionaire Economic Model. It's that simple. If you follow the Economic Model of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent, your annual lead-generation goal is quite clear lead generate in order to net 160 listings sales, which will in turn lead to 160 buyer sales. It is anticipated that you will have to go on about 308 seller listing appointments (25.7 month) and about 306 buyer listing appointments (25.58 month) in order to achieve your 160 seller listings sold and 160 buyers sold goals.

The Costs of Massive Lead Generation Success

When I throw out these kinds of numbers to agents who are striving to become Millionaire Real Estate Agents, one of the first assumptions they make is that it will cost a fortune. While it will cost more money than most agents spend, it is actually not nearly so costly as you might think. Let's break it down to a per-sale cost for sales generated through marketing and prospecting to your Met and Haven't Met databases. The Cost of a Millionaire Lead-Generation Program Millionaire Real Estate Agent Chandler, AZ Sales volume 54 million the forthcoming analysis of the Budget Model of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent, we will make the recommendation that lead-generation costs should be about 10 percent of your gross income. So if your 396 Touches to a database of 1,920 costs you only 63,360, that will add up to only 2.6 percent ( 63,360 2.4 million). The 12 Direct program marketed to 16,000 people will cost 192,000, which is the other 8 percent ( 192,000 2.4 million). The conclusion, as...

Yard signs alone generate over 7000 leads seller listings By focus a year

They put the two biggest Millionaire Real Estate Agent 1. Economic Advantage Seller listings, as cost of sale, are less expensive to obtain than buyer listings and sales. At a cost of sale of around 100,000 vs 600,000 for the same volume of buyer sales, the Millionaire Real Estate Agent realizes a 500,000 cost savings. Millionaire Real Estate Agents are seller listing lead generators first, marketers of those seller listings second, and buyer listing lead generators third. Any other order and the odds of achieving millionaire sales numbers drop dramatically.

Real Estate Agent Budget Model

While your monthly budget is your power tool for tracking and evaluating the investments you make in your company, the Budget Model of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent (Figure 40) is a more high-level look at your spending. What it does is highlight those areas where your focus and attention will pay the highest dividends. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent's Budget Model is divided into two broad categories cost of sales and operating expenses. Now, to be the most effective you can be and get the most out of these investments, you should be able to explain why every budget item is there, why it is a certain amount, and exactly what you expect to receive from it. With that in mind, let's break these two categories into their relevant parts and get a better understanding of them.

Dont Catch Auction Fever

Catching auction fever means losing control in the bidding process and bidding far more than you can afford or than the property is worth. This is probably the biggest mistake novices make they get caught up in the excitement and run the bid up too high. This is why you need to set the price you're willing to pay for a property before the auction and then stick to that number. If someone else wants to pay more, fine. You'll find another property you can make money on at the price you're willing to pay. millionaire mentor Auction Highlights

Love sales not paperwork

Career until the end is to find and Millionaire Real Estate Agent The Organizational Model of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent The Organizational Model of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent extraordinary talent in all three, your chances of becoming a Millionaire Real Estate Agent are greatly enhanced. Magnificent talent is not easy to find. It takes time, patience, and dedication. But the encouraging revelation many agents come to is that you could be just three exceptional hires away from having the business of a Millionaire Real Estate Agent

Resources for Business Owners and Real Estate Investors

Have you thought about who benefits when you achieve financial independence and build wealth Right now, you're probably mentally listing yourself, your family, close friends, your church, and charities you support. But when you build a successful business, you also have a strong and positive impact on your local community and the overall economy. And that's why it's in the government's best interest for you to become wealthy. When you think about it, it makes sense. Successful real estate investors increase the value of their holdings and get distressed properties back on the tax rolls to generate income for municipalities. Successful business owners create jobs, and the people who fill those jobs pay taxes and contribute to the overall economy. Clearly, the government has a vested interest in the success of your real estate business, and that's why there are literally thousands of local, state, and national government programs that will help you make money. Government help in your...

Summing Up Compensation

The fundamental principle behind the Organizational Model of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent is to find, hire, and retain talent. Looking for and identifying talent is always foremost in your people goals, no matter how spectacular your staff may be. This idea of the never-ending talent search is called top grading you never know when you may lose talent in your organization, so whenever great talent becomes available, you would be wise to find a place for him in your company. More than once I've left a friend's office and said, If you ever decide to part ways with_, you let me know. I'll make room for him in my company When you aren't having fun or are feeling overwhelmed, it is time to find someone to help with your other jobs. You don't have enough arms and legs to do everything all the time. Everyone should aspire to having an assistant to avoid burning out. And the leverage that talented people bring to your company is the fastest, surest way to continue up the path to becoming...

The Golden Rule of All Your Offers

One of the best parts about the lease option is that many times you can make money even if you pay today's full price and current market rent for a property. This is because in most markets, the future appreciation of the property will let you build in a healthy back-end profit. (Just make sure you negotiate a longer lease option term to compensate for the higher price you might have agreed to pay.)

Flip Real Estate with Creative Financing

In January I started full-time buying and selling residential real estate. It has been successful beyond my expectations. During my first 5 months, my financial statement shows I made 46,000. The average length of ownership of my flip properties has been 77 days. Most of the property I buy is distressed, and in need of repairs. It is often vacant and vandalized, with title problems, owners divorcing, and or being

Anticipate the market not just react to it I have learned marketing techniques and learned what pulls better

Gregg Neuman Millionaire Real Estate Agent San Diego, CA Sales volume 113 million Millionaire Real Estate Agents never lose focus on lead generation. For them, lead generation always comes first. They understand that, to be most effective, lead generation needs to be systematic, consistent, and sustained. It never stops and never rests. Dealing with today's business should never take precedence over growing tomorrow's business. Since time is a critical issue (especially for top-producing real estate agents), it is best to shift lead-generation activities largely toward marketing. As we discussed in the Lead-Generation Model, marketing is simply more time-efficient and therefore more leveraged than prospecting. Marketing is at its best and most effective when it is database-driven. Databases are built through acquaintances, captured leads, referrals, or targeted lists. This is really a pragmatic approach. In a few hours a week, Millionaire Real Estate Agents can supervise and shape...

Final Personal Inventory Balance

What does your wheel look like Would you be able to get very far if you had to depend on it for transportation Up to now you have spent considerable time completing all of the information pertaining to your financial condition. It' has been my experience that the more balanced the wheel appears on the right, the better the bottom line is on a person's financial statement.

How to Start and Be Successful in Flipping Properties

You can make money using creative financing in flipping. For best results, you should have some experience with home repairs. And you should not be afraid to pick up a hammer and start working But if you're all thumbs as some people are don't give up. Get an experienced house mechanic and arrange to have that person do the work. Offer an incentive such as a share in the profit on the sale of the property. Then your repair work will be done while you do the financial planning

We now have a lead coordinator to handle assign and track all of our calls

Ronnie and Cathy Matthews Millionaire Real Estate Agents Barbara Wilson Millionaire Real Estate Agent Medina, OH Sales volume 57.3 million and lead conversion is one of the core disciplines of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent. These skills are vital if you want to build the kind of high-performance team capable of making the journey from Earn a Million to Net a Million Millionaire Real Estate Agent Chandler, AZ Sales volume 54 million

The Perils of Careless Property Management

In my life, Ken McElroy is one of those rare persons. On top of that, Ken has made me a millionaire many times over. He and his wife, Laura, are two of Kim's and my favorite friends. We have a great time together, teaching, sharing knowledge, and supporting each other's families in becoming richer and more financially secure in a financially volatile world.

An Outsiders Perspective

Just like you, I didn't begin my career as a successful real estate investor. I have people like Robert and the Rich Dad team to thank for opening my eyes more fully to the immense wealth-building potential that real estate investing affords. Well before I began investing in real estate, I made my living by managing other people's assets. In the process, I've built some of the largest and most well-known property management companies in the southwestern United States. John and his partner's second problem was that they decided to be cheap. In an effort to save some money (or to make money off the property), they gave the task of managing their property to someone in their office, who was located in Denver, and who had no experience in property management. This person flew down about once a month, if that, to see how things were going. Why an investment group of very smart individuals would trust a multimillion-dollar asset to someone with no experience is a mystery to me. We quickly...

Use your strengths and natural abilities to

Russell Shaw Millionaire Real Estate Agent Phoenix, AZ Sales volume 50.6 million exciting and downright entertaining to explore it is simply not the way Millionaire Real Estate Agents go about their lead generation. Millionaire Real Estate Agents are willing and continuous students of the Lead-Generation Model and their local lead-generation game. Gregg Neuman Millionaire Real Estate Agent San Diego, CA Sales volume 113 million

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