A New Way of Investing in Real Estate 10


The Challenge 12


An Armchair Tour Of Exactly What You'll Learn From This Book 16

About the Authors

Mechanic to Millionaire 26

How an Ex-Olympic Level Athlete Became an Expert Real Estate Investor (And How You Can Too!) 31

Section #1

How to Create Multiple Streams Of Income Buying

Homes In Nice Areas With Nothing Down! 34

The Four Pitfalls of Traditional Real Estate Investing 37

The Secret of Nothing Down Deals 47

How to Lower Your Effective Risk to Zero 52

How to Sidestep The Landlord Trap 54

Creating Multiple Streams of Income 56

Most Peoples Biggest Fears (And why it means you'll probably end up making twice as much money) 57

Section #2

How to Find Motivated Sellers 64

The Seven Reasons Why Motivated Sellers Sell 66

How to Turn Your Telephone Into the Biggest Money Maker of All: Calling Property

Owners in the Classified Ads 78

How to Find a Motivated Seller in

Two Minutes or Less! 80

Stair Step Wealth Building System 90

How to Select and Develop Your Farm

Area for Fun and Profits 96

How to Develop Money-Making

Relationships With Real Estate Agents 100

Section #3

The Instant Offer System How to Get Sellers to Say "YES!"

to Your Creative Offer 104

The Magic Formula for Getting Motivated

Sellers to Admit Their Real Problems 111

What Should You Offer The Seller? 117

Section #4

How to Find Hungry Tenant-Buyers 122

The 12 Steps You Need to Take to Find Your Hungry Tenant-Buyer — Fast! 129

The Four Fastest Ways to Advertise

Your Properties 135

Splitting up the Pie: How to Know

How Much Profit to Keep for Yourself 141

How to Create a Ready Reserve of

Hungry Tenant-Buyers 148

Section #5

Seven Fun, Easy Ways to Make Up to An Extra

$100,000 This Year Investing in Real Estate 156

The Benefits of Different Purchase

Option Techniques 159

#1: The Lease Option 161

#2: The Equity-Split Technique 163

#3: The Cash-Flow Technique 166

#4: Owner Carry Technique 169

#5: The Big Money Cash Close 169

#6: Quick-Cash Technique 170

#7: The Discount Technique 172

#8: Bonus Technique—The Master Lease Option 174

A Quick Review of Purchase Option Techniques 178

Section #6

How to Find, Close, And Structure Money-Making Purchase Option Deals: Real Life Examples of How Other Investors Have Done it

Case Study #1: $13,844 in Profit 182

Case Study #2: $14,420 in Profit 185

Case Study #3: $15,000 in Profit 185

Case Study #4: $43,962 in Profit 189

Case Study #5: $30,000 in Profit 192

Case Study #6: $26,714 in Profit 193

What Other Students Are Saying About Investing in Real Estate Using the Purchase Option System 197

Section #7

Unlimited Wealth 201

Beyond Unlimited Wealth 207

Wealth is More than Money 207

Helping Other People 207

Giving to Your Loved Ones 208

Freedom 209

Security 210

Certainty 211

Closing Thoughts 212

Appendix A:

Free Investing Tools 214

Appendix B:

Success Library 225

Appendix C:

A Final Letter From Peter Conti 267

"What Would You Attempt If You Knew You Could Not Fail?"

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