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Start developing a list of people who will work for you as property "bird dogs." A bird dog is someone who lets you know about a seller who might be motivated or flexible. if you are able to put a deal together with this seller, you can even pay a referral fee to the person who told you about the property.

You only pay money after you make more money. This source of motivated sellers has an unlimited upside potential and no downside. You only pay for results! The more quality people that you have referring people to you, the better. We suggest you pay between $250 and $1,000 for each successful referral. This might seem high, but you'll be making thousands more on these deals using your powerful Purchase Option techniques, so the money is worth it.

Examples of good contacts who may want extra income and would make excellent "bird dogs" include:

• Postal delivery people in the area (They even know when a house is a rental, when someone is about to move, or if a house is vacant.)

• Newspaper delivery people

• House-sitting companies

• Moving companies

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