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Dear Reader,

It seems like such a short time ago I was a struggling auto mechanic.

I wish I could tell you it was easy to make my first million. It wasn't (although the second million was a lot easier.)

For those of you who have just finished this book it might seem like I had it easy when I got started investing in real estate, but I didn't.

When I got started, I was scared of doing it all by myself and I was overwhelmed not knowing where to begin. I learned the slow, hard way, by making mistakes and paying the price.

That's why when the American Real Estate Investors Association (AREIA) asked me to sponsor this year's membership drive, I was thrilled.

You see, AREIA was the association I wished I had way back when I got started.

The American Real Estate Investors Association (AREIA) is a nationwide group of real estate investors who have joined together to help each other be more successful investors.

The association not only gives you the chance to network with other success-minded investors, but it also provides you with ongoing support and training.

The bottom line is that AREIA helps its members make more money with less work, risk, and effort.

Making Money by Investing in Real Estate

Making Money by Investing in Real Estate

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