How to Develop Money Making Relationships With Real Estate Agents

Many investors make the costly mistake of considering real estate agents as competitors. They incorrectly see themselves out in the market competing for a limited number of deals—fighting it out with local agents and brokers to make money. This costs investors time, and it costs them thousands of dollars from lost deals.

The truth is that as an investor, one of the most profitable relationships you can ever develop is with a real estate agent. Think about it for a moment. As an investor, your market is motivated sellers who don't need all cash at closing (and who are willing to be flexible on the terms of sale) or who are willing to deeply discount the price of their properties for an immediate sale.

But the majority of sellers you talk with, as you do your lead generation, are not motivated sellers. As many as 90% of the sellers you talk to are not motivated enough to be flexible on price and terms like you need them to be. Most investors toss these sellers into the round file, and this mistake costs them dearly.

instead, refer those sellers you cannot help to your real estate agent ally. He will be able to turn these sellers into a steady stream of commissions as he lists, then sells their homes. Remember that most agents spend tremendous amounts of time and money to find the very people you turn up in such great numbers—homeowners looking to sell for all cash and who have the time to wait for a top dollar offer. if you can help your agent friend get just one more listing a month, you are adding tens of thousands of dollars to his annual income!

So what's your payoff? Actually, you don't just get one payoff, you get five! Here are your five paydays for teaming up with a real estate agent.

Real Estate Investment Secrets

Real Estate Investment Secrets

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