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My Ultimate Abundance Attract More Love Wealth & Success Review

Highly Recommended

This is one of the best books I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

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Master Your Universe Get the Lay of the Land

Craig is the most well-organized person I know. He has his days planned to the minute. He is constantly studying and investing in his personal development his business yet time with his family takes the highest priority. Craig is a great family man and natural teacher, and he is priceless as a real estate partner.

Lease It and Keep It Leased

He has his days planned to the minute and is constantly self improving. He studies and invests in his personal development on a regular basis. Yet, his family takes the highest priority, and he is very involved in his children's lives. Again, what I learn from Craig beyond just about everything I know about commercial real estate is priorities.

You can increase the productivity that results from your time investment by assessing which activities achieve the

The 80 20 rule holds true across a spectrum of life activities. Whether you're investing in your career, relationships, health, wealth, or personal development, 20 percent of your efforts will deliver 80 percent of the results you seek. The secret is to figure out which activities deliver the highest-quality returns and to invest your time accordingly.

Block time for your personal life first

If you don't, you'll be hard pressed to squeeze in personal time after scheduling everything else. Decide what the most important personal activities in your life are and block them out before you allow any other obligations onto your calendar. Set aside a date night with your spouse or partner. Block time for working out, quiet time, prayer time, personal development time, and family time. If your daughter has soccer games on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, put those in your schedule. If someone wants to see you during those times, tell them you're booked with previous appointments.

The Eighth Goal Category of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent Personal Education

If there is one thing that our experience has shown over the years, it is that Millionaire Real Estate Agents are always focused on personal development. For themselves, they attend seminars, seek out consulting relationships, and require their staff to do the same. They are always looking for ways to improve how they and their staff operate professionally and personally.

Managing contacts

You should always budget for ongoing self-improvement. Start with a budget for a wardrobe that presents you as a successful agent. Some people will make assumptions of who you are based on the way that you're dressed. For that reason, always dress for success. The most significant asset in your business right now is you, and ten years from now, the most significant asset in your business will still be you. Don't fail to invest in yourself. I suggest to most of my clients that they should invest 10 percent of their income in personal development. This 10 percent is for advancement of their skills and their team member's skills. As a newer agent, a couple thousand dollars a year to improve your knowledge, skills, systems, and techniques is not too much. I can say that I invested at that level and beyond, and it made the difference in the speed in which I achieved top producer status.

Being Inconsistent

To a real estate agent, the consistent activities of daily prospecting, daily lead follow-up, daily practice of sales skills, daily personal development, weekly planning, and scheduled evaluation time create exponential return compared to the effort invested. On the other hand, occasional bursts of activity create work with little payoff.

Simplified Living

Simplified Living

Learning About Simplified Living Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Success. Tips On Living A Simpler Life In The Hectic 21st Century.

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