A hightouch opportunity in a hightech world

One of the big challenges facing real estate agents in today's wired world is learning the identities of their prospective clients. Home shoppers cruise and click their way around hundreds of real estate Web sites, requesting information via e-mail from scores of agents without ever revealing more than an e-mail address.

As an agent, you can respond with an e-mail that provides the requested information, but it hardly allows you the chance to provide your professional counsel and to establish a professional relationship.

For one thing, it's almost impossible to distinguish yourself from other agents via e-mail. Also, while e-mail allows you to communicate promptly, it doesn't allow you to easily determine the desire, need, ability, and buying authority of the prospect. Communicating over e-mail also stops you from determining the prospect's motivation and time frame and from customizing your advice to the prospect's unique situation.

That's where open houses come to your rescue. Open houses cut through the electronic interface and put you right in front of prospective buyers and sellers — from there you can distinguish yourself, define your prospect's interests, and begin the professional relationship that leads to real estate success.

Best Investment Tips and Ideas

Best Investment Tips and Ideas

The dynamics of investing can be very emotional and stressful if not properly managed. When you are aware of what is all involved you give yourself the power to avoid those situations or at least manage them effectively. That will make your investments more exciting, rewarding, and enjoyable. Those positive factors will only lead to greater success in all that achieve with investments and life.

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