Building a relationship with your manager

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I rarely see a broker or manager with high expectations of a new agent. Instead, they focus on potential. They believe that a new agent can become a top producer, but they cautiously reserve judgment until they see the quality of the agent's action. The key to success is to quickly move from "potential" to "performance."

Even though he's cautious of judging your performance, your manager is on your side, rooting and pulling for you to realize your goals, dreams, and potential.

The best way to build a relationship with your manager is to achieve results by taking the following steps along the way:

1. Involve your manager as you set your goals.

As you establish specific, concrete, attainable, and exciting goals, ask your manager for input regarding what you should do daily, weekly, and monthly to achieve your desired outcomes.

2. Seek your manager's input as you lay out an activity plan.

Gain advice regarding which avenues you should follow to achieve success and what you should do daily to bring you closer to your goals.

3. Ask your manager to help monitor your activities.

¿jtiMj^ By asking your manager to monitor and coach your performance, you separate yourself from 90 percent of the other real estate agents. While nearly all other agents want to improve, few are willing make the changes necessary for success.

4. Request a weekly meeting.

Aim to sit down with your manager at the same time and on the same day each week. Some weeks the meeting may last only 15 minutes, during which time your manager can review your performance based on the contacts made, leads generated, appointments booked, appointments conducted, and properties listed or sold. Other weeks there may be specific topics for training that you will be working on.


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