Clearing the clutter

When buyers are house shopping they're given the challenge of mentally removing the seller's stuff before deciding whether they actually want to move in. This type of mental gymnastics helps buyers assess how well the home they're viewing will accommodate their own possessions. (See the section "Helping the buyer 'move in'" later in the chapter for tips to help buyers with these mental gymnastics.)

Some sellers' homes are so full of garage sale and flea market finds that the buyers honestly can't see the home through the clutter. They can't "move in" because they can't see anywhere for their own things to go.

If you're working with sellers who are surrounded by clutter, do the following:

^ Advise them to remove excessive amounts of accessories and knickknacks. Whether they get rid of them altogether or pack them up in preparation for their anticipated move, get them out of sight. The result can do wonders for a home's interior appearance.

^ Dismantle what I call the "shrine wall." A wall of pictures of children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends, acquaintances, and snapshots of every experience the owners fondly remember adds clutter with little to no buyer appeal.

^ Follow the design rule, "When in doubt, take it out." Advise sellers to keep clutter, wall d├ęcor, and placement of figurines and mementos to a bare minimum.

Making Money With Garage Sales

Making Money With Garage Sales

Is your home bursting at the seams with stuff? Is every closet crammed so full that any one of them is a death trap waiting to be opened? Has it been years since the last time you parked the car in the garage? Never fear, help is on the way. You need to get rid of some of that stuff. Dont you dare call it junk. Remember, one man or womans trash is another ones treasure!

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