I believe that confidence was the secret edge in my early sales career. Even when I was new to the game, I was confident that I was the best agent for the seller. This confidence was the result of a deeply grooved expectation of victory that came from my participation in athletics.

Where have you experienced victories? Tap into those past experiences as you pump up your confidence in preparation for prospect presentations.

If you lack confidence, determine what you need to do to establish belief in yourself and your ability to achieve success. What activities would help increase your confidence? What skills do you need to master to dramatically affect your confidence? What one thing, if you did it with excellence, would change your self-confidence?

The great success motivator Napoleon Hill says, "What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." I saw evidence of this truth a few years ago working with a great agent in North Carolina. She didn't have confidence in herself, nor did she think she was a great agent. Even when she closed 100 units a year, she was still self-sabotaging her success. I asked her to write out her standard of a great agent. She did so with great and specific clarity. Six months later she had met the standard to a tee, but was still in self-sabotage mode. Fortunately, I'd saved her written document and presented it to her as proof of her success. Since that day, she has believed in herself and has never looked back.

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