Webster defines conviction as a fixed or firm belief. I'd add that nothing is more compelling than conviction because it shows your client the level of passion in your beliefs.

Your belief that you can get the job done draws the client to you. Your belief in the value of his home or how his home should be sold earns his trust. Your firm belief about where the marketplace is headed, backed by statistics that prove your point, sells you and your recommendations.

Before you go face to face with sellers, determine the three things that you want to express with absolute conviction. If your sellers share your views, (you'll know based on your prospect qualifying work) that's a bonus. If their views are the opposite of yours, be doubly persuasive and resolute so that you can convince them to adopt your point of your view and gain their signature on the listing contract.

In my presentations, I expressed my conviction that sales skills were an essential skill that I had that most agents didn't. I also was passionate about my conviction that open houses didn't sell homes. I told my sellers that I wouldn't inconvenience them with open houses like most agents would. Finally, I told them that an agent with high sales numbers in units sold was a more skilled agent than one with a high sales volume because they had a higher average sales price.

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