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Because FSBO owners want to be found, you don't have to look far. Just do the following:

i Check the newspaper. Because one of the primary advertising avenues for FSBO owners is still print media, the newspaper is a great place to look for FSBOs. The serious ones advertise regularly, spending a couple hundred dollars a week on classified ads to promote their home. Most don't realize how fast the expense will mount up. They start out with an advertising blitz for the first few weeks and then scale back as the reality of the expense they're incurring becomes apparent. You can use their ad volume to gain information and to track sale progress.

i Drive around. Some owners quit advertising after a few weeks, and others never start. But they all put signs in their yards. So that you don't miss out on any FSBOs, drive through your geographic area and area of business at least once a month.

i Enlist the help of family and friends. Ask family members and friends to be on the lookout for FSBOs. When I first got into real estate sales, and I worked FSBOs, I would get a call each week from my mother and my older brother, each calling with the addresses and phone numbers of FSBOs they'd recently seen. They'd even share their first impressions and offer to fax me the home flyers that they pulled from the yard signs. Without my army of helpers, it would have taken longer to learn about many of the FSBO homes I subsequently listed for sale.

i Subscribe to Landvoice. Landvoice is a company that compiles information from FSBO newspaper ads, FSBO Web sites, and other real estate sources to provide you with a complete list of FSBO opportunities in your area. For a low monthly fee, they deliver daily e-mail lists of the most recent FSBOs right to your desktop. With a subscription you also get full access to a searchable six-month FSBO history. You can't beat the service. It allows you to redirect the hours of time you spend on research into time spent calling FSBO contacts and winning over new listings. You can reach them via their Web site at www.landvoice. com/dirkzeller. They offer a special package of discounts to readers of Success as a Real Estate Agent For Dummies that they don't offer to agents in the public domain.

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Real Estate Investment Secrets

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