Gaining customers no matter the market conditions

According to the National Association of Realtors, over half of current real estate agents have been in the business less than three years. That means more than one out of two of today's agents (probably including you) have never experienced a marketplace where homes sat on the market for 60, 90, or 120 days, where agents faced stiff competition to move listings, and where it took real work to find and create client leads.

oj^NG/ In robust market conditions, leads are abundant and relatively easy to attract, especially buyer leads. But when the market slows, as it inevitably will, real estate success becomes less automatic. Only great sales skills guarantee that you — instead of some other agent — will win clients no matter the market conditions. The best agents make more money in a challenging market than they do in a robust market.

Regardless of economics, every market contains real estate buyers and sellers. No matter how slow the economy, people always need and want to change homes. Babies are born. Managers get transferred. Couples get married. People divorce. And with these transitions, real estate opportunities arise for those with the best sales skills.

The way to build immunity to shifting market conditions is to arm yourself with skills in prospecting, lead follow-up, presentations, objection handling, and closing. The information in Part II of this book guides you to success.

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