Presenting and Closing Listing Contracts

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^ Qualifying prospects based on their desire, need, and buying ability and authority ^ Perfecting your presentation and delivery skills ^ Addressing and overcoming objections ^ Bringing presentations to a logical and successful close rospects are potential clients who are interested in considering the ser* vice options you provide. That's the good news. The not-so-good news is that prospects seem to assume that all agents are cut from the same mold; that all agents do the same things in the same way. They're truly unaware of the different skills, systems, and philosophies various agents bring to the job — and the huge difference in results they achieve.

Too many consumers view agents with a commodity mindset. A commodity is an interchangeable, difficult-to-differentiate offering selected primarily based on price. Want an example? I was pushing a grocery cart through the produce section of the grocery store a few days ago, and I put one brand of bananas in my cart that were priced at 79 cents per pound. In the next aisle, I saw another brand of bananas for 39 cents a pound. Guess what happened? I took the 70-cents-per-pound bananas out and put the 39-cents-per-pound bananas into my cart. I'm not brand-sensitive when it comes to 40 cents a pound. That's a commodity mindset!

Too often, real estate agents are viewed as a bunch of bananas — in other words, with a commodity mindset. Most agent-listing presentations sound about the same, so it's no big surprise that prospects select their agent based on highest listing price and lowest commission rate. This chapter helps you set yourself apart. It provides the steps to follow as you convey your differences, distinctions, and competitive advantages in presentations that are planned, practiced, rehearsed, and perfected. No more winging it! You're about to move into the league of the best, most preferred real estate agents.

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