Qualifying Your Prospects

The success of a listing presentation is largely determined by what you do before you even walk through the door. Many agents enter the meeting flying blind, ill-prepared, and oblivious to the needs, wants, desires, and expectations of the prospect.

Make this pledge to yourself right now: Before you enter another listing presentation, qualify your prospects in advance. When scheduling your listing presentation, ask questions that allow you to obtain important information about the customer's desires, time frame, and expectations. Without this information, you can't possibly serve the client well.

Many salespeople, especially in real estate sales, think they'll offend the customer if they ask questions. Here's an analogy that should put your mind at ease: Imagine you're sick and you schedule a doctor's appointment. You arrive, the doctor enters the examining room, and you look up and say, "Guess what sickness I have today?" From across the room, the doctor is supposed assess your symptoms, diagnose your ailment, and prescribe a cure without checking your ears and throat, listening to your lungs and heart, and, most importantly, asking you questions about what's wrong and about how you feel. It sounds ridiculous, but it's what real estate agents do when they try to serve clients without first asking questions to qualify their wants, needs, and expectations.

Without good client information, a listing presentation becomes just another explanation of your services and service delivery systems. But what if the prospect sitting in front of you wants to be served differently? Then what?

¿jtîW^ The customer ultimately determines whether your service is excellent or poor. Since the customer rules on the quality of service received, the only way to start the service process is to find out what customers want, instead of trying to guess their desires and expectations.

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