Sizing Up the Differences between Residential and Commercial Agents

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When I decided to become a real estate agent in 1990, I didn't even consider residential real estate sales as a career path. I wanted to wear the nice suits, drive the fancy cars, and meet over power lunches with those who made the business world turn. I wanted to sell and lease commercial real estate.

Fortunately, I called a long-time friend, Kerry Gilbert, who at the time was one of the most successful commercial agents in my market area of Portland, Oregon. He listened to my aspirations and responded with candid advice about the direction I'd chosen. He gave it to me straight then, and I give it to you straight now.

Of all the wisdom he shared with me that day, one thing he said really stuck in my mind: "Making $100,000 a year is easiest in the arena of residential real estate. In fact, you can reach that goal in your first year." He'd been there and done it all — residential real estate, commercial real estate, and land development. Independently or through syndications or joint ventures, he'd had a personal stake in every facet of commercial real estate including sales of retail buildings, apartments, undeveloped land, and office and industrial spaces. He knew the game from firsthand experience and I knew he was speaking the truth. I followed his words and broke into the residential arena. The following information helps you weigh your options and make a decision for yourself.

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First Time Home Buyers Guide

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