Franchise Versus Unaffiliated Broker

National real estate franchises have become very powerful components of the country's real estate makeup, currently making up about 44 percent of all Realtor affiliated real estate brokerages. Of those, approximately 33 percent are independently owned offices within the national franchise. Roughly 40 percent of all Realtor salespersons belong to a franchise office. It is difficult to find a city of any size that does not have them. Is working in a franchise office different from working in an unaffiliated office? The answer is a qualified yes. Franchises have the advantage of national recognition and ordinarily have standardized training programs in which all new agents are expected to participate. You are also less likely to be left to fend for yourself, at least initially. Remember, however, that most of these companies are independent operations within the franchise structure. It is possible to have a wide difference in philosophies of operation between different offices in the same franchise.

It is probable that you will feel more pressure within some franchises to follow standardized procedures such as wearing distinctive clothing and displaying ad signs on your car. If these things bother you, find out in advance how much latitude you will have to operate as you see fit.

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What You Need to Know About Real Estate

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