Getting Numb

The length of this "better not try it" and "do it and you're dead" discussion may have induced a mild numbness. That can be encouraging if it's a symptom of your increased sensitivity to potential problems and not a prelude to inertia. If you are looking for an excellent resource for further study on this subject, my number one recommendation is the book The Digital Paper Trail In Real Estate Transactions by Oliver Frascona and Katherine Reece. Fras-cona is an attorney who is also a licensed real estate broker in Colorado. His firm's website,, has some excellent real world real estate law resource material. Katherine Reece is an experienced real estate broker who holds several advanced Realtor professional designations. The book starts with a thirteen item "Pledge of Allegiance to Members of the Public", which is a great blue print for professional conduct. For example, "I pledge to safeguard to the best of my abilities the trust that is placed in me to assist you with your housing needs", and "I will disclose to you all material facts associated with the property actually known to me". There's also a section titled "Profiles of a Plaintiff" that I always spend some time on with my real estate class. Here's my favorite: "Someone who tells you about the poor conduct of another real estate professional, lawyer, doctor, or lender. You may be next in line."

Finally, if you're looking for guidance on determining whether or not your real estate career might be encountering rough waters, I thought you might be interested in my list of the "Top Ten Ways to Tell When Your Real Estate Career Is In The Dumps." It has proved to be a popular feature in Realtor publications around the country, which proves that folks in the profession do have a healthy (or weird) sense of humor.

Real estate has no more dangers for its practitioners than any other pro fession—and it's a lot more enjoyable than most of them. What makes it so interesting are the diversity of the people you will meet and the challenging nature of the situations you face. You can appreciate it all more if you have a preview of what to expect, so that's the subject of Chapter 11.

Top Ten Ways to Tell When Your Real Estate Career Is in the Dumps

10. The Errors and Omissions insurance carrier will only issue you a policy with a million-dollar deductible.

9. When you ask your sales manager where your invitation to the company picnic is, she keeps replying, "It's in the mail."

8. The state Real Estate Commissioner continues to send you "Be All You Can Be" U.S. Army recruiting literature.

7. Your only listing has been on the market so long that it has qualified for the national roster of historic homes.

6. The President of the local Board of Realtors asks you not to wear your Realtor pin in public.

5. Your broker changes the locks on the office door and does not give you a key.

4. Your spouse buys a used bike and gets an early morning paper route as a second job.

3. The IRS sends you a sympathy card along with a credit voucher for a thousand dollars.

2. A family of vultures starts following your car as you are showing properties to clients.

1. Your mother lists her home with another agent.

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