Kinds Of Onthejob Training

Initial on-the-job training is designed to ease your transition from student to practitioner. It may be very formal or extremely casual, depending on where you work. If it is highly structured, you can expect to spend your early days mastering the basics of the trade. While licensing courses deal mainly with factual information, company sessions devote substantial time to traditional real estate sales and listing techniques. You can also expect a healthy amount of motivational material. You will be exposed to an array of ideas, techniques, and suggestions, most of which will be time-tested and valuable.

My strong recommendation is that you be open minded and receptive. Some of the material may be difficult for you and some of it uncomfortable, but withhold judgment. Your broker will be satisfied if you master the techniques and modify them to accommodate your own individual style and philosophy. Even if that were not her basic inclination, successful brokers are practical enough not to try to make you into something you are not.

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