Real Estate Pre Test

The story is told of a lion in the jungle who was constantly roaring "Who is the king of the jungle?!" He went on and on, repeating the same question. An elephant who was grazing nearby became agitated, walked over to the lion, grabbed him by the tail with his trunk, twirled him around and hurled him about twenty yards in the air. The lion hit the trunk of a large tree with his head, and slid down to the ground. As he sat dazed and confused, he said to the elephant: "Hey man, don't get mad just because you couldn't answer the question." That's my guidance to you for this Pre Test and all the academic material you encounter in your licensing program. You're essentially learning a new language. Relax, study hard, and enjoy. By the way, if you would like brief explanations for each of these questions, e-mail me at [email protected].

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