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In the event you decide to pursue a study program on your own, either as a self-directed effort in preparation for the licensing examination (if permitted by your state) or simply to supplement the instruction you get in a formal program, you will find a list of reference books in Appendix C. I have indicated which ones are the basic, standard texts that are in widespread use. I've used several of them in teaching real estate myself, and have reviewed most of the others in conjunction with my job as book review editor for The Real Estate Professional magazine. There is a marked similarity in basic content among the books. If you are merely browsing to decide whether to start the whole process or not, some time spent with one of these books will give you a good idea of what to expect in the classroom.

There are a handful of books that I would like to suggest to you as being particularly helpful. One is Modern Real Estate Practice (see Appendix C under "Principles and Practice"). It's in its seventeenth edition and gives a comprehensive overview of the material ordinarily covered on the national portion of all exams. I've used it, and previous editions, for over a decade, and student response has been very positive. You will also find an abundance of actual practice exam questions in it. Another excellent basic reference is Real Estate Principles by Charles Jacobus, a Texas attorney and real estate educator. There are also a number of solid real estate licensing exam guides. Among those I've personally used and can highly recommend are Real Estate License Exams for Dummies by John Yoegel and Questions and Answers to Help You Pass the Real Estate Exam by John Reilly and Paige Bovee Vitousek (see Appendix C under

"Examination Preparation Guides"). The Language of Real Estate by John Reilly, an attorney/real estate broker with an ability to communicate, is the definitive basic real estate reference book (see "Real Estate Reference" in Appendix C). I refer to it more than any other book in teaching my real estate class.

No self-study program would be complete without coverage of state rules and regulations. Your state agency can provide study references. Often, there are commercial guides available.

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What You Need to Know About Real Estate

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