Survey Results

Question: Based on your experience, please indicate how important you think each of the following is in causing people to leave the profession of real estate.

Very Important or


1. Lack of "self-starter" and "self-motivator" personality. 91%

2. Unrealistic income expectations. 85%

3. Unwillingness to work hard enough to produce results. 84%

4. Inability to budget to live on commission income. 75%

5. Lack of objective information about the career field before they entered it. 73%

6. Inability to plan and manage time. 72%

7. Inability to establish specific goals. 70%

8. Lack of long-term supervision and motivation by brokers. 63%

9. Inadequate preparation in practical real estate matters during prelicense activities. 60%

10. Pressures generated by problems 56% typically associated with real estate transactions.

11. Erratic and unpredictable work schedule. 53%

12. Disenchantment with high-pressure sales techniques they were expected to use. 43%

13. Feeling that the real estate profession lacks public respect. 25%

14. Overregulation of activities by state licensing agency. 2%

Very Unimportant or

Neutral Unimportant

The purpose of the survey was to examine possible causes of attrition in real estate. Three hundred forty-nine active, licensed real estate salespeople and brokers participated. To show major trends, "Very important" and "important" responses were combined, as were "very unimportant" and "unimportant."

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