Think Success And Rate Your Progress

How does a successful and professional real estate agent act? It will be hard for you to know before you even start, but you probably will have formed some kind of mental image. Sharpen that perception as you gain experience and through observation of others whom you admire. Here is a suggestion: Establish a rating guide for yourself in which you list factors you conclude are important for success. Periodically evaluate your own progress, since it is unlikely that anyone else ever will in a formal way.

To help you, I have prepared a hypothetical evaluation on a fictitious agent who has been in the business for two years (see Figure 4-2). It contains rating factors that most real estate professionals would agree are critical, and the comments are descriptive of an agent who has done a superior job. It is based on both my own personal observations and discussions with brokers

Figure 4-2. Job evaluation: Priscilla Perfect._

Job Title: Real estate salesperson.

Job Description: Specializes in residential sales and listings, with occasional transactions in related general real estate.

Time in Profession: 24 months.

Attitude: Has a positive, enthusiastic attitude. Is not a complainer and does not make excuses. Constructively critical of programs and ideas with which she does not agree. Not a "yes person."

Work Habits: She is a self-starter and a hard worker. Has day planned before she arrives. Has assigned a priority to all tasks. Spends only enough time at her desk to handle administration; spends the remainder in productive activities out of the office.

Judgment: Directs her efforts to areas that have the largest potential payoff for herself and the firm. Wastes little time in nonessential fringe activities.

Appearance: Keeps physically fit and trim. Dresses to the standards of other successful professionals in the community.

Professionalism: Observes highest ethical standards in working with her clients, customers, and associates. Member of National Association of Realtors and very active in the local chapter.

Job Knowledge: Keeps current on all trends relating to her profession. Completed Realtors Institute (GRI). Thoroughly familiar with the community and its resources. Keeps up-to-date on total housing inventory and office listings.

Creative Ability: Able to devise innovative ways of solving problems. Respects tradition, but not bound by obsolete concepts.

Human Relations: Gets along well with individuals of every background. Genuinely committed to equal opportunity for all. Enjoys solving "people problems." Associates appreciate her willingness to help when needed. Able to maintain professional objectivity in dealing with problems; does not overi-dentify.

Communicative Ability: Speaks and writes in a clear, concise, and personalized manner. Has mastered the important art of listening.

Growth Potential: She has the leadership ability to be an outstanding broker and the technical skills to excel in any specialized field she may select. Will be well prepared to achieve future goals because of diversity of activities in which she has engaged as a residential sales agent.

Bottom-Line Record (Last 12 Months)

Total listings 11 Total listings sold 10

Other closed sales 7 Fall-throughs 0

Outgoing referrals 7 Gross income $87,600

Sarah Su&ee&sv

Broker/Owner, Professional Realty Inc.

who have had extensive experience supervising new salespeople, and it may be useful to you in establishing your goals and grading yourself.

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