Your First

If you are young and real estate is your first full-time job, you will find yourself in a distinct minority. If you are typical of other newcomers to the workplace, you will bring with you a refreshing enthusiasm and an apparently inexhaustible supply of energy. Couple those admirable traits with the type of systematic and creative approach suggested in this book, and it will be only a matter of time until the paydays become frequent and predictable. What at first was bewildering and incomprehensible will start to fall into place, and soon you will be one of the old timers graciously offering advice and counsel to befuddled newcomers twice your age.

As you are getting started on the job, you will represent an extremely valuable asset to your broker in a way that you may not have anticipated. You will be reacting for the first time ever to the traditional ways things are done in the business world in general and the real estate business in particular. You will be unencumbered by a familiarity with the standard, the accepted, and the traditional. Because of this freshness, you will be an excellent sounding board. You will not have been conditioned by the old accepted arguments, and you were not around when "we tried that once before and it didn't work." If a policy or procedure seems questionable to you, do not be pas sive—express your reservations. If it doesn't seem to make sense or to be fair, it probably poses problems for others also and it needs to be examined. You may even have to tell your Emperor Broker on occasion that he has no clothes on. He might not always listen, but he deserves your honest opinion.

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