Buyers Agent Agreement

The undersigned__, herein designated as CLIENT, hereby retains and authorizes

__, herein designated as AGENT for the purpose of representing and assisting Client to locate property of a nature outlined below or other property acceptable to Client, and to negotiate terms and conditions acceptable to Client for purchase, exchange, lease, or option such property. This agreement shall commence this date and be valid for_days.

The Type of Property, General Location, and Other Requirements:

Purchase Price Range and Other Terms and Conditions:

Compensation to Agent: Client shall pay Agent, or authorizes that commissions be paid agent, on the following terms:

a) For locating property acceptable to Client and for negotiating the actual purchase or exchange thereof, a fee of_% of the acquisition price, which shall, whenever possible, be the "selling agent's fee" of the commissions payable by Seller on the property in question.

b) For obtaining an option on a property acceptable to Client, a fee of $_, and to pay Broker the balance of a fee equal to ___% of the purchase price in the event the option is exercised or assigned prior to its expiration.

Payment of the above commissions or compensation shall be payable given tfiat:

1) Client or any other person acting for Client or on Client's behalf, purchases, exchanges, obtains an option for, or leases any real property presented to Client by Agent, during the term hereof through the services of Agent or otherwise.

2) Client or any other person acting for Client or in Client's behalf, purchases, exchanges, obtains an option for, or leases any real property presented to Client within six months after termination of this agreement, which property Agent, or cooperating brokers presented or submitted to Client during the term hereof and the description of which Agent shall have submitted in writing to Client, either in person or by mail, within ten (10) days after termination of this agreement.

Notice: The amount or rate of real estate commissions or fees are not fixed by law. They are set by each broker individually and may be negotiable between the client and the agent/broker.

Agency Relationship: Agent shall act for Client solely in any resulting transaction, provided that Agent may cooperate with other brokers and their agents in an effort to locate property or properties in accordance with this agreement, and may divide fees in any manner acceptable to them. If Agent, receives compensation from anyone other than Client, Agent shall make full disclosure, and such compensation shall be credited against Client's obligation hereunder. Client agrees to provide Agent, upon request, relevant personal and financial information to assure Client's ability to acquire property outlined above. Client further agrees to view or consider property of the general nature set forth in this Agreement, and to negotiate in good faith to acquire such property if acceptable to Client.

entire Agreement: Time is of the essence. This document constitutes the entire agreement and supercedes all prior agreements, negotiations, and discussions between the parties. This Agreement may be modified only by a written agreement signed by each of the parties.

Receipt of a copy of this agreement is hereby acknowledged. Dated:_ Time: _

Address: _ Address:

Phone:_ Phone:

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