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^ Getting in gear with investment basics ^ Recognizing investment organizational structures ^ Checking out ways to acquire investments ^ Raking in cash with investments

^ Understanding the government's relationship with investing ^ Finding out how to analyze a real estate investment

Mf eal estate long has been considered one of the best ways to build wealth. Real estate W w agents often are asked by buyers to locate properties for investment. Likewise sellers frequently use the services of real estate agents to sell investment properties. A real estate agent who provides services to people who are buying and selling investment properties needs to be knowledgeable about different types of investment properties, various ways you can make money by investing in real estate, and some of the tax issues that affect real estate as an investment. Although they don't expect you to become an investment analyst or financial advisor, state exam writers do expect you to know the basics of real estate investing. They expect you not only to know how to provide appropriate service to your buyers and sellers but also to know when to call in experts because something is beyond your knowledge or capabilities.

In this chapter, I tell you about the basics of real estate investments (including types of investment properties), the acquisition of investment properties, how money is made in real estate investments, and how the government helps real estate investors through its tax policies. I also take you through a brief investment analysis and talk a little about how you can invest in real estate without actually owning any real estate.

My only objective is getting you to pass the real estate licensing exam, so the info I'm giving you here is only what you need to achieve that goal. If, after reading this chapter, you decide that you want to find out even more about investing in real estate, check out Real Estate Investing For Dummies by Eric Tyson and Robert S. Griswold (Wiley).

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