Real Estate Investing Success

Real Estate Investing Success

About the product

Real Estate Investing Success is a learning material created to teach you all you need to know about real estate investing. The product, which comes in the format of CDs and PDF covers everything including how to start creating an active-passive income from real estate, how to avoid and eliminate mistakes of "typical" startup entrepreneurs, and a step-by-step process for starting a profitable business. With many people out there struggling with stagnant income and debt issues, this material can come in handy to help you with your financial problems. Real Estate Investing Success will help you achieve financial freedom and a break from the unhelpful tutorials on the internet that just feels your mind with the information you never apply. 

This book will help you stop worrying about not having enough money and start increasing your income through real estate.

About the author                                                                                             

The author of Real Estate Investing Success is Noel Randall. She is a full-time real estate investor and has been in the business of real estate for more than 20 years. From her years of experience and a lot of success, she decided to teach other people also how to be successful in real estate. Her teachings are specifically designed for women of all background who are ready to transform their financial status. She vows to help you eradicate the stress over when the next paycheck will come, the fear of being fired from your job because you will have a passive income, retirement worries as well as getting out of your income and debt issues.

What is included in the book?

When you order this book, you will instantly receive the following:

  • 1 Monthly trial of REI Success Monthly

This section includes the following useful materials;

  • The latest and greatest techniques that the author and her clients use including shoestring marketing strategies, amazing scripts and templates, agreements, and ‘role-playing' training.
  • Insider secrets that will eliminate confusion and build an ACTUAL business so you can earn money and maximize profits in just a few months.
  • Instant access to world-class training so you can remove confusion and quickly build your personal wealth.
  • A 30-45 minute lesson each month emailed to you directly with the precise steps to build your business, profit-increasing tips, recent market data, and trends, cutting techniques and tools with the best training available.

This section combines some of the most refined, practical, and effective training the author has gathered over the years. It includes instructions you will never find anywhere else.

  • The real estate business plan

This material will help you with – just as the title suggests, drafting a business plan for your real estate business. There are so many details involved in real estate and it can be tough to manage them all if you don’t have an easy-to-follow plan. And that is where you turn to this plan to provide you with the roadmap.

The plan includes such tips as knowing when to buy, sell, or hold a property, which on your own, can be stressful without the right plan.

  • Real estate investment secrets

Just like any other business, in real estate, you need to know the ins and outs as well as the secrets in order to succeed. You need to know what other investors don’t know.

In this section, you will learn secrets like how to find hot markets and the best places to buy houses. You will also learn the secrets of finding a good location to buy a property.

  • Real estate essentials

Investing in real estate is not a walk in the park, but with the knowledge you learn from this book, you will discover the art of real estate and how to position yourself to succeed. You will also learn the risks involved in real estate to increase your chance of making money as you will know which deals to stay away from.

  • What you need to know about real estate

This book will help you especially if you are new to real estate. It covers the basic terms and concepts that you need to understand as a beginner.

  • How to develop a millionaire mindset

Having the right mindset and attitude is very important when starting a real estate business. For you to start making money, you will need to change. This book will immediately begin to change your mindset and you will begin to think about money and success differently.

  • Making money investing in real estate

With this chapter, you will discover how to use what you have learned to start making money in real estate.

The product bonus

The product comes with the following bonus:

  • 100 real estate selling strategies
  • Internet marketing secrets revealed

Who is this product for?

First of all, if you have desires and motivation to succeed financially, then this book is for you. It was designed to be used by practically anyone. Unfortunately, the author only talks about helping women and all her customer testimonials are from women.


  • Easy to understands
  • Works perfectly
  • Readily available


  • The chapters are too many, which can be overwhelming.


This product was designed to help users gain financial freedom from the real estate business. The book involves chapters that cover everything you need to know including secrets for a successful real estate business. The author has over 20 years of experience and is also a real estate agent professionally, so that is another plus. If you are looking for financial freedom, I strongly recommend this course.

Real Estate Investing Success
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