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Why You Should Do a Google Search of the Property Owners Name

Google is my favorite Internet search engine of all time. And nowadays, as part of my standard due diligence procedure, I always enter the property owner's name into the Google search engine and wait to see what pops up on my computer screen. I remember finding out about one owner who had recently lost a specific performance lawsuit, in which he had defaulted on a real estate purchase agreement by failing to sell the property as agreed. After reading about this unscrupulous owner's exploits in court documents, I decided to pass on the property.

Driving traffic to your site

Search engine optimization is a complex field that usually requires professional assistance. Most agents don't understand the language and strategy required to move their sites up high in online search results. Luckily, a whole industry of technology propeller heads does. Before hiring anyone, check out the abilities of the person you're considering. Ask to see hard data regarding the results she has achieved for other clients, including ranking stats, page views, and lead generation numbers.

Sold Taking a Glance at Real Estate License Exams

Because individual states issue real estate licenses, the ultimate authority on the state exam is your own home state. You'll probably get a copy of the state license law and the state-specific information you need about the exam from the instructor of the prelicensing course you may have to take. (See Figuring out licensing procedures for more details.) If you don't get the information from your instructor, or if you're in one of the few states that doesn't require a prelicensing course, you can write to your state licensing agency or go online to find information. Different states have different agencies that handle real estate licensing, but using a search engine like Google can get you where you need to go. Just type in your state's name followed by the words real estate license law, real estate commission, real estate board, or real estate licensing agency and see what Web sites are listed. If you don't have access to a computer, try calling information in your state capital and...

Why You Must Be Able to Think Outside Your Local Real Estate Market

Estate market has been able to come up with a profitable use for the property. And I attribute this to a general lack of vision, creativity, and foresight on the part of most so-called real estate professionals. The fact of the matter is that many of the people involved in real estate today are afflicted with a bad case of tunnel vision, which prevents them from seeing beyond the borders of their own local real estate market. And for whatever reason, they have not been able to apply the marketing concept of buy locally but sell nationally and globally to their real estate investment business. Granted, residential real estate may pretty much be a highly localized business, but that does not mean that the marketing of commercial and industrial real estate should be restricted to the local marketplace. And this is exactly why you must expand your real estate market horizons so that you are able to think outside your local real estate market. To illustrate my point, I recently advised an...

Other Sources of Leads

The next place you may want to look is on the Internet where there are sellers advertising their properties on the World Wide Web. Search for either For Rent businesses in your area who are using the Internet to advertise rental properties for owners or look for a For Sale By Owner type of company that has ads available. (Simply go to one of the major search engines like Yahoo and type in for sale by owner.) You can even find the classifieds of many newspapers on the web, which will save you time and money

Why Host an Open House

Think of the open house as the real estate agent's equivalent to the retailer's loss leader, which is something that creates the initial opening for a sale. In the same way that a grocery store manager offers milk at a discounted price to draw shoppers into the store, a real estate agent invests time and money in an open house to build traffic, attract prospects, hand out business cards, and cultivate sales of other products.

One Last Website I Promise

Here is what impressed me about this site. There are a number of cities in the immediate area, all of which would be legitimate markets for a company headquartered in Lafayette. I clicked on my old stomping grounds of Walnut Creek. What popped up was what appears to be the entire inventory of all listings (not just the Rothenberg's) in Walnut Creek, starting with the most expensive at a cool 2,499,000. There were 193 listings in all. Each had a link to the individual property, many with photos and contact information for the listing brokerage. I didn't need to type in the kind of property I was looking for or the price range. There were search engines on the web site you could do this, but here you just scrolled down and checked them all out. You also did not have to log in, give your name, rank, and serial number to get information.

Resell Your Real Estate Options for Maximum Profit

Throughout the course of this book, I have given you detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to use real estate options to control undervalued properties with immediate resale profit potential. In this business, you make your profit upfront when you buy low-cost options on properties that are priced well below market value. But you do not get paid until you turn around and resell the option for a profit. And getting paid is what this chapter is all about It should not take a rocket scientist to understand that there is a direct correlation between how well a property is marketed and how fast an option sells. If you do not get anything else from this chapter, please get this Market the property, not the real estate option. Never lose sight of the fact that what you are really selling is not the real estate option agreement itself, but rather the property under option. The fact is, I have never advertised a real estate option per se instead, I have always advertised the property...

How to Use the Internet to Market Your Properties Globally

The key to quickly reselling your real estate options is to market properties under option to the largest possible number of prospective buyers. In today's wired world, this includes the global audience of potential buyers, which are available online via the World Wide Web. And in spite of what some foreigners may think about our political leaders, American real estate still attracts investors from around the globe. For example, here in Central Florida, real estate investors from the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, and Spain are continually investing in residential and commercial real estate. The main reason I like European investors so much is that they are generally cash buyers, who are ready, willing, and financially able to close a deal without first having to play the mortgage loan disqualification game with lenders in order to finance the purchase. I once sold an option that I had on a small warehouse to a German, who exported German Christmas decorations to...

Use URL Forwarding for Property for Sale Domain Names

In Chapter 9, I explained how uniform resource locator (URL) forwarding works for a property wanted domain name. The same principle applies when using URL forwarding for a property for sale domain name. For example, I own the domain name,, which is forwarded to the Property for Sale web page on the Home Equities Corp web site at This way, whenever the domain name is typed into an Internet browser or search engine, it is automatically forwarded to the Home Equities Corp Property for Sale web page.

Studying Your State License

Make sure that you read your state's real estate license laws (see Chapter 3) before you take your state exam. These laws can cover everything from agency relationships, which you can read about in Chapter 4, to how much continuing education you have to have to keep your license. Even if you've covered some of the material in your real estate course, you're expected to be familiar with the law itself. You may be given a copy of the law when you take a prelicensing course. If not, you usually can obtain a copy directly from your state licensing agency, and often can do so online with your computer. Try using a search engine like Google and type in your state's name followed by the words real estate license law. Because states vary in who issues real estate licenses, you can also type in your state's name followed by the words real estate license commission or real estate license board.

Where to Find the Names of All the Property Owners in Your County

The name of virtually every property owner in your county is available at your county property appraiser or assessor's office on what's known as the property tax roll. The property tax roll lists every parcel of land in a given county. Depending on where you live, each parcel is assigned a separate tax identification number, either an assessor's parcel number (APN) or an appraiser's folio number. To find out if your county's property tax roll is available online, simply type the name of your county and state into an Internet search engine, such as, and click on search. Be aware that in so-called nondisclosure states, only the principals and any real estate licensees involved in a real estate transaction know the sale price. The sale prices of real estate transactions aren't publicly disclosed in the following six nondisclosure states

Electronic Fax Efax

An e-fax online service typically costs 10 to 20 per month for each e-fax phone number. A variety of e-fax providers can be found by simply typing the term e-fax into a search engine. Two of the more popular providers are and A broker who is part of a major franchise system should check to find out whether special discount rates have already been negotiated by the franchisor with specific e-fax providers.

Mandatory Disclosure

One minor disclaimer before we get into the details. If you are not computer literate, stop. Do not pass go. Get thee to a training facility immediately and master the basics. Local community colleges typically have a wide variety of programs. If you are a fellow member of AARP and qualify for senior discounts, your local senior center will likely have some special nonthreat-ening offerings for you. It's not an option. Do it. Your grandchildren can help you with your homework. And a bit of advice when you're doing any research on the Internet. If you simply type a key phrase into the search engine you will be absolutely amazed at the amount and variety of information you'll be provided. My biggest challenge is to stay focused on the information I was looking for, since there are so many other great sources on an almost limitless array of topics.

Personal Web Site

You also want a company that has the ability to place you higher in the search engine rankings. This is where you'll generate traffic and leads. I encourage you to check out They build template and custom sites and have a program that generates high search-engine placement.

SEO Guide for Top Rankings

SEO Guide for Top Rankings

Search engines are special sites on the web that are designed to help people find information stored on other sites. There are differences in the ways various search engines work. Learn more about this topic within this guide.

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