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95% of the problems you and I have in the area of time management are not really about managing time at all.

What most of us call time management is really about managing our attitude.


Chances are good that you've attended a time management seminar before or you've read a book or listened to a tape on the topic. There's also a good chance that after those things you weren't much more empowered or effective with your time than before. That's because, in my opinion, time management is really an attitude issue, not a technique issue. By attitude, I'm talking about being truly focused on and enthusiastic about your goals. You see, when you are really passionate about your goals, your vision, getting to your Next Level, etc., you'll automatically do the most productive things to achieve those goals.

So, as you read the useful information in this chapter, as you learn the powerful techniques and concepts for managing your time, keep in mind that, without the proper attitude, the best techniques in the world won't have much impact.

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Let me tell you about the ballerina. When a ballerina is being the dance, it's a beautiful sight to behold. When she is simply doing the dance, that's when she messes up.

If you want to become effective in your career and you want to really master managing your time, then focus on being real estate and not doing it. When you're doing real estate, that's when it's work; that's when it's all effort. When you're being real estate—when you're being what you say you're committed to—then your actions will just naturally correlate with that commitment.

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Procrastination Killer

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