The Three Power Principles Revisited

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Principle #1: The Coaching Philosophy. Said simply, coaching is when you are more committed to someone else achieving his or her goals than you are to fulfilling your own agenda. This is very easy to understand in the sports world, as coaches at the professional level are judged mainly by their

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won-loss records. If you're a tennis coach, for instance, you will be successful when the player you are coaching is successful on the court. If you get paid good money to coach that player, but she never wins and seldom enjoys herself, you've done a poor job regardless of your personal income and fame.

The same holds true in our business. Truly effective coaches are part strategist, part psychologist, and part motivator. As a Power Agent in real estate, you are indeed all of these things. You are not "in the game" to simply earn a commission. Rather, your role is to enable buyers and sellers to achieve their personal goals (buying their first home, selling a piece of property, moving to be closer to their family, etc.) in the most efficient way possible through a real estate transaction. You can succeed only if they come out a winner.

Principle #2: The Next Level Design. Throughout this book, I've given you a slew of valuable concepts about a variety of real estate topics. Everything I provided was based on helping you reach your Next Level. Remember the Oliver Wendell Holmes quote? "Once the mind of man is stretched, it can never go back to its original form."

Here's what's so interesting about this. You've already moved up a level just from reading this book! You can never go back. If you approached these pages with the conviction that the solutions you want and need were all within these pages, you received the greatest possible value. You had an intention and a definitive mission: this book was going to make a difference in your life. If, on the other hand, you read this book passively without any upfront goal, you also benefited ... but likely not to the same degree.

The same principle applies with your Next Level. While you can sometimes gain new heights by accident, a far more effective method for anyone who wishes to become a top producer in real estate is to set objectives and systematically work to achieve them. Later in this chapter, I will provide you with exercises to help you do just that.

Principle #3: Maintaining Focus. Of course, it's not enough to simply know where you want to go. The key is to FOCUS on your goals and to be consistently in ACTION to achieve them.

In The Power Program, my students meet once a month for 12 consecutive months, providing them with a wonderful forum to maintain focus on their Next Level. By systematically looking at their goals every 30 days, they are constantly reminded of their commitments and develop a sense of urgency.

So, since this is a book and not The Power Program, how can you reach your Next Level and become a Power Agent?

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