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Catalyst Stocks Premium Stock Pick Service

Catalyst Stocks is a stock picking service geared toward day traders and short term investors. Through proprietary methods, they pick stocks that are about to make explosive moves. With the economy still recovering, stocks are more affordable to trade. This makes excellent trading opportunities for Catalyst Stocks Members. Any good news catalysts about a stock is now even better. These catalysts have very positive effects on stock prices during these times. Their stock alerts take full advantage of the current economy and market. Continue reading...

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Jason Bond Picks

Jason Bonds service is a stock trading education site, a live day trading chat room site, and a subscription based stock alert service site. It really does break the mold of traditional websites that usually fit into one category only. Anytime you hear or read someones review of Jason Bond Picks and they call his service a subscription based alert service, its probably coming from someone who has never been a member of Jason Bond Picks and as a result, does not even know what his service really is. Another reason Jason Bond Picks is different from an ordinary subscription based alert service is that he provides a huge library of educational videos and webinars. In fact, calling Jason Bond Picks a subscription based alert service is wrong. His service is more of a stock trading education service with over 20 hours worth of video lessons and growing.

Jason Bond Picks Summary

Contents: Premium Membership
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Price: $297.00

Does Investing In Real Estate Still Make Sense

I personally know dozens of people from ordinary walks of life whose rental properties helped them build net worths that exceed 1,000,000. I have never met anyone similarly placed who has built a comparable amount of wealth through any alternative investment. As I travel to give talks throughout the United States and throughout the world, the people I meet generally tell me the same thing. They know many who have profited big in property. They know few (or none) who have scored big by investing in stocks, bonds, or commodities.

Basic Market Analysis Conceptan Overview

With these definitions in mind, the value of the market analysis becomes apparent. It is a study that tries to identify the market for a particular real estate product. Why would we want to understand the market Real estate markets are not efficient markets like the stock market, and pricing does not occur every day.

Dont Fall for the Annuity Sales Pitches

With stock market jitters and low CD rates rattling the retired and near retired, peddlers of annuities have tried to grab an increasing share of the investment and savings dollar. One such company regularly runs an ad in The Wall Street Journal with the following headline

But First the Reckoning

Today only a minority of America's 60-plus million stock market investors seem ready to shift their portfolios from equities to income properties. Most of these investors remain deterred by three false beliefs 2. Stocks for the long run. The second false belief that deters investors from rental properties is the mantra Over the long run, stocks will outperform all other investments. During several recent weeks of stock market turmoil, I've read a dozen or more personal finance articles telling investors to hang tight. All will turn out well for those who keep the faith. 3. Property prices have appreciated too much. In many markets, during the past six or seven years, property prices have jumped 50 to 100 percent. Therefore, according to many experts, this fact proves property has appreciated too much and is headed for a fall. Yet, since 1980, property prices are up just two- to fourfold (or so), whereas the stock market (Dow Jones Industrial Average, DJIA) is up tenfold. So, if...

TE The Sum of Talent and Equity

Often difficult to acquire Berkshire Hathaway stock because Buffett's talent has proven so exceptional that the current owners rarely sell their shares. I see that as an undeniable testament to talent. The stock market at large would throw billions of dollars at Mr. Buffett to have him get the results his talent has achieved for his investors.

Investment Features Affecting Valuation

Lack of Secondary Market Some forms of real estate are illiquid because ownership cannot be easily transferred on an open, public exchange. The stock market is a highly liquid market, but units of limited partnerships, for example, can often be sold at a discount. The secondary market is lacking, because used partnership units are not appealing to new investors, Another form of risk involves spreading capital among markets with dissimilar features. Popularly called diversification or the avoidance of losing all invested capital in a single investment choice, the risk here is more accurately distinguished as asset allocation, or placing capital in entirely different markets. Diversification is best understood as placing funds in several different stocks or investing in mutual funds to spread risk asset allocation is more closely associated with disparate market selection, such as stocks, savings, and real estate. Because real estate requires a large sum of investment capital, even in...

Methods of Entering the Market

That they are traded on public exchanges, just like stocks. This liquidity makes the REIT a desirable and practical way to diversify an equity portfolio. The most popular type of REIT is called the equity REIT, in which investors buy shares of ownership in properties. Two other types are the mortgage REIT, in which invested funds are loaned out to builders and developers, current real estate project owners, or mortgage backed securities and the hybrid REIT, which combines both equity and mortgage features.

Why Real Estate Is Better Than Stocks

The beauty of real estate is that it offers several opportunities for leverage, something that the stock market does not. For example, say you have 20,000 to invest, and you are trying to determine which would be a better investment. Let's take a look at your options. Option 2 You invest 20,000 in the stock market, 10,000 in blue-chip stocks and the other 10,000 in an aggressive mutual fund that is targeting biochemical ventures. Do you see what happened here By leveraging your money into a down payment you have secured an asset that is self-sufficient it's paying for itself without any more immediate input from you and your 20,000 is now worth 40,000. The stock market, on the other hand, doesn't have those same opportunities to leverage. If you want to buy 20,000 worth of stock, you need to have 20,000 to start with. Hopefully your investment will increase along with the stock value. But even if it does, you'll be waiting a long time to see the same level of profit you got from your...

The Other Side Of The Coin

The final point you may be wondering about is the home mortgage interest deduction. As a homeowner, your interest payments on your mortgage are tax deductible. In the first scenario, assuming you are in a 28 tax bracket, you would save about 11,000 in taxes over three years. Ho vever, you lost the use of the 30,000 you put up front to buy the house Let's take the difference between the 2,800 option money in the second scenario and the 30,000 in the first scenario (total 28,200) and invest it in the stock market. At a modest growth rate of 12 for three

The Transmission Mechanism

Lower interest rates and a greater availability of credit tend to stimulate spending on durable goods of all kinds - on new factories and houses, on business equipment and inventories, and on customer durables such as automobiles. As the rates investors can earn on financial instruments fall, yields on common stocks become more attractive, causing investors to bid their prices up. Households with stocks in their portfolios find that the value of their holdings has gone up, and this increase in their wealth prompts them to increase consumption expenditures.

Real Estate Due Diligence

At the time, I was under blistering attacks from financial planners and financial magazines that were supported by mutual fund company's advertising dollars. You may recall that in 1999, the stock market was red hot and people believed they were making billions in the new economy of the dot-com world. So to have a person of Scott's reputation back up my philosophy that stocks and mutual funds were risky investments was a welcome relief and validation. His pat on my back made watching the Phoenix Open even more enjoyable.

Getting from A to B Without Paying Taxes

Today the average person is paying more than 50 percent on income taxes and hidden taxes. One of the beauties of real estate investing, when compared with investing in stocks and mutual funds, is the ability to pay nothing in taxes, legally. As far as I know, this real estate loophole is the biggest and best legal tax loophole remaining, and that is why Gary Gorman is my friend and advisor. Gary has both saved and made Kim and me a lot of money.

Investors Are Always Interested in Real Estate

People seem to have no problem putting money into the stock market. However, it can be risky and difficult to figure out exactly what to invest in. For example, when you buy a piece of rental property, you can reasonably anticipate what the future rents and expenses will be. But if you buy a stock, the value of the stock could drop in half almost overnight, and its dividend could be totally eliminated Real estate, by contrast, is a much safer investment. Moreover, you will find that investing in real estate becomes easier and easier as you acquire more properties. In fact, once your friends and acquaintances see how you're amassing properties, they'll often ask if they can get in on your next deal. When investors don't have the time, but do have the cash, they will frequently loan money to you at a good rate of return, or perhaps even agree to share in a portion of the profit upon resale of the property. Where can you find investors Check your local newspaper for money lenders, or do...

Understanding The Numbers

What is a property worth That's not an easy question to answer. In the stock market, value is much easier to ascertain because there is a large market setting value every second for each stock. But, real estate is much more subjective. The profit is often made in the buy. So, it's important to determine the value of a property before you buy and yet it's often very difficult to do so.

Proving your excellence You dont get paid for second place

A Fortune 500 company CEO who doesn't increase his company's revenue will likely watch the company's stock price plummet. A quarterback who throws for lots of yards but doesn't win games will be benched or traded. A real estate agent who doesn't sell listings or find and secure the right home for buyers will be pushed out of the business.

Appraisal Cap Rates and Risk

Risk also affects appraisal capitalization rates and, as a result, real estate values. The risk associated with commercial investment property valuation can be found in the capitalization rate used in the appraisal process. Two major types of risk affect the cap rate choice, and they are the lack of liquidity associated with a real estate investment that is not present in a common stock investment and the potential for changing markets associated with a real estate investment. The two types are in fact closely associated with each other. It is the lack of liquidity, or the inability to quickly get out of a real estate investment, that subjects the investor to the potential for changing markets. If the investment was more liquid, investors would not have to worry as much about changing markets because they could simply sell the investment and get out of it.

TIP Even in difficult economic times capital is rarely destroyed It only changes hands or changes forms

From among the people who do business with us today, there are dozens of inspiring personal stories of how debts were liquidated, stock market losses recovered, retirements funded, tuition paid, and moms who quit work to stay at home with their babies. These private victories were possible because of the careful deployment of their capital in real estate and real estate paper. For me, seeing our clients achieve such milestones is the most rewarding aspect of being a capitalist.


When the flow of savings again returns to the thrift institutions that act as intermediaries for the placement of mortgage loans, this process is referred to as reintermediation. If yields on government bonds plunge or the stock market crashes, money may reenter banks and thrift institutions in search of safety. As money returns to thrift institutions, the funds available for real estate loans increase, interest rates soften, more buyers can qualify for loans, and the housing market begins to pick up.

How To Find Bargains

Unlike in stocks, in real estate you can make money not only when you sell but also when you buy. In the stock market, you cannot buy a stock for less than its current market value in real estate, such transactions occur every day. If Ford is selling at 47, no investor would ask Merrill Lynch to find a Ford stockholder who will sell 100 shares at a price of 40 a share. But if you want to buy a 250,000 property for 200,000 to 225,000, you (or your real estate agent) can probably locate a seller who will oblige you.


Joey was concerned by the current national trends. The increase in the prime rate and the weakness of the stock market and other indicators did not alarm him as much as the effect they had on people's moods. As happened in 1974, he saw a general malaise spreading caused by a reaction to all of the bad news one reads in the papers. People constantly read about such issues as an outrageous rate of inflation and devaluation of the dollar, the risk of oil price rises and other problems, capped off by the prediction of an imminent recession or worse.

Pass Through Security

With the certificate in hand, the lender is able to sell the mortgages to an investor. When the investor buys the mortgages, it receives the certificate. Typically, the securities are purchased by securities dealers who trade in Ginnie Mae securities. They in turn sell the securities to other investors such as insurance companies, pension funds, other lenders who need mortgages, and individuals. The securities can be broken down into smaller denominations to satisfy the demands of the various investors (the smallest denomination is 25,000). The securities are traded on Wall Street just like stocks and bonds. There is an active market for the securities, which makes them a liquid investment.

The Future

My last words of wisdom are these Be a contrarian. In a recession, people focus on their jobs, the economy, and the stock market. They rarely see an opportunity to take advantage of what only appears to be a dismal situation. When no one is investing money, when no one can borrow money, and when equity is disappearing on properties, keep this in mind You have the most valuable capital during this period your knowledge.

Value Engineering

Most investments are passive, in the sense that once you have bought them, there is very little you can do to increase their value. Whether you are investing in stocks, bonds, treasury bills, mutual funds, unit trusts, certificates of deposit, municipal bonds, baseball cards, phone cards, antiques, gold, silver, platinum, futures, options or commodities, you put up your money (and you generally have to come up with the entire acquisition price in cash) and then hope and pray that whatever you bought does indeed go up. If you are excited by the possibility of using your creativity to massively increase value, then you have the makings of an upbeat real estate investor. On the other hand, if you feel stressed out by the prospect of having to actually think and come up with ideas (even those copied from others) then we encourage you to stay out of real estate, buy stocks, and work on improving your hoping skills.

Simplified Example

When you own a corporate stock that has had a big run-up in price, you may think that now is the time to sell before the market stalls or turns down. But selling creates a serious problem. Federal income taxes will grab a big part of your gain. As a result, many stock market investors hold their stocks long after they should have sold them because they can't bear the thought of immediately throwing away part of their profits in taxes.

An Income For Life

No one can know the future for social security, stock prices, bond returns, or inflation. In contrast, history shows that well-selected income properties provide the surest path to both long-term wealth and spendable-cash returns. A 10,000 to 20,000 down payment today will multiply itself into an equity of 50,000 to 100,000 over a period of 5, 10, or at most 20 years. During this same period, your rent collections will increase by at least 50 percent, and they could even double if you choose a soon-to-be hot area, that is, if you invest in the right place and at the right time (see Figure 16.1).

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Insiders Online Stocks Trading Tips

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